Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!


Hello! Happy New Year! Almost haha. I cant believe that we will see each other this year! It is going by crazy fast. Parker told me that i have 349 days left! haha. Wow.
It was so great to see you guys on skype. You all look so great! It was awesome! I wish we could just skype fore like ten minutes once a month at least. But it was amazing to see you guys!

The amis are okay... kind of non existent right now haha. They all have kind of disappeared lately. We havent seen natacha in forever and owen says he can be baptized in like march maybe. The others we had to drop. We havent seen the three that we found again. But hopefully soon. Its a busy time of year. This past week we got fruged a ton. That means they either cancelled last minute or just didnt show up. It was stinky haha. But on saturday we were contacting and i saw a guy that looked familiar. Then i remembered that i contacted him with elder barker in my first transfer here. And he was really cool then and gave us his number. But he never answered to fix a rdv. BUt he saw us the other day and came up all excited and gave us his number. He said he had changed numbers and lost ours. He wanted to meet with us really bad and said he has lots of questions and is looking for the truth. Cool! So we ended up seeing him on sunday night and he brought a friend. They are really cool. Both hip hop dancers from congo haha. One is 19-Jean Luc and the other is 18-Jordy haha. SO that was really cool. Ludovic is still good.

Love you guys so much! Have a great new years!
Elder Thomas

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