Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Super Cool Miracle...

We are just rolling along here in rennes. I can't believe that it is December. It snuck up on me. Everything is going pretty well here. We werent able to find very many new people this week but we had a super cool miracle. Ill tell you about it later.

Edward is doing well. We think that he is actually just a little odd haha. Not exactly crazy. He is super smart... we think haha. He is studying biochemical engineering apparently. Thats what he says. We just think he is lacking in the social departement. But we taught him about the restoration and the book of mormon and he understood very well. He has been praying more and more and his prayers are getting pretty good. Its cool to see his progression.
We havent been able to see liz this week but will see her tomorrow night. We havent been able to see the family either with the little boy. Bummer. Marko is doing super well though. We taught him about the priesthood this saturday and he grasped it super well and is excited to prepare to recieve it! He was there at church too and had a good day. Then we went to a members house with him that night to eat.It went super well! He is just progressing so much and is just a happier guy. So cool.
Once again we had a ton of lessons fall through. Its a fun time haha. We visited a few members. They are all so great.

This last sunday was fast sunday so i took advantage and bore my testimony for the last time on my mission. All the members loved it and were surprised to learn i am leaving so soon. I dont tell people when i will finish haha. Ive been in denial :) SO a ton of them invited us over this week to eat and visit them. Sweet!

ON thursday we had our zone turkey day. It was s o good. We all pulled togtether a really good meal. We each had to bring our own "meat" and then we were each assigned a dish. We brought the gravy and drinks haha. And for our meat we made bbq pulled pork because we happened to find a crock pot in the appartment... thank you sisters!! haha. It was really good. We played games together for a long time. I bought this french card game called loups garous. It is the funnest game ever. We will definitely play it when i get back!! you can play with up to 28 people so we will play with all the extended fam! woot!
That night we saw the castro family. Thats the family witht the dad who is not a member. We invited him to be baptized. But he declined. He said he doesnt see the need and doesnt believe in the book of mormon. SO we challenged him to read it sincerely with his wife because he never hasd and to pray about it. He will do it. So we will see what happens there. We went and did service for a non member family who is rebuilding their second story. That was fun. He works for the metro service and offered us a tour of the metro headquarters so we went on saturday. That was actually really cool.

So now for the miracle! Tuesday night we went porting.. tracting... in an area we had bneen planning on hitting for a while. We could just never get out there. We finally did and started. The first house we talked to a man and he wasnt interested. So i asked if he knew anyone of his friends or someone in the neighborhood who would be. And he told us there was a street with an apt building and there is a house in front of it with a family who believes in god. So we left adn went to find that house. We started porting that street across from the apt building and a few doors down a girl answered. We recognized her as the daughter of the second counselor! It was there house haha. We didnt know that they lived there. She let us in and told us that her dad was really sick. We went into the living room and he was lying on the couch looking like death. Seriously he didnt look well at all. He said he had a fever and hurt all over. Was hot and cold. And could barely walk or see straight. He said that he was just thinking about who he could call to give him a blessing. And then we showed up. So i gave him a blessing and then his wife came home. She invited us to stay for dinner and said that it would be cool becazuse they have a nonmember staying with them from lille. SO we went porting for a bit more and then came back and ate with them. The man christophe was really cool and the best part is that at the end of the meal the dad was so much better. He was up walking around and seemed almost normal. Amazing. Then on sunday the friend christophe came to church and lovied it. And we are going to go to their house this week to eat and teach him! SO cool! It was amazing how we were led to their home that night when he was in need.
And thats about it for this week! It soudns like you guys had a super good week. Cant wait to see you all! I hope you have a great week and i will talk to you soon! And then see you a few days later! Crazy! Love you.

Elder Thomas

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