Monday, January 28, 2013


Herro! Wow week number 59. haha. Thats crazy! It is really weird being on the downhill. Antony is doing well this week. Just trying to find people to teach! We actually had some really cool miracles this week. On tuesday we went to the church for a lesson. But the guy didnt show up... that happened 8 times to us this week. SO we prayed to know what We needed to do and didnt really feel much. So we just decided to walk back to the tram and contact on the way. I have made it a goal to just talk with everyone. SO thats what i did. We got shut down until like the sixth person. It was an old african lady haha. But she was sweet! She told us that she is looking for another church and really appreciates young men like us out preaching the gospel. So we set a lesson up with her for a few days later. When we saw her we taught her about the book of mormon and she loved it. She also talks a ton and has about 20 children i think. Crazy. SHe has had a tough life trhough. She would get married and have kids and then the dad would leave her and the kids. That happened like three times. Anyways. After we taught her and read from 3 nephi 27 i felt impressed to invite her to be baptized. And she accepted! And then we fixed the date for the 16th of february! Sweet! So hopefully everything works out well with her.

I went on exchanges and had a great lesson with a small asian man that they have been teaching here. He also accepted to be baptized. His story is really cool. But then the other day while we were on our way to his house for another lesson he called and said that he doesnt want to see us anymore and wants to be catholic. Heart breaker. Not sure what happened there.

Yesterday we found another cool african lady though. She took the book of mormon and said that she will come to church and we actually prayed with her on the road. It was really cool.

This last week we also had interviews with pres and soeur poznanski. They were great! I love president and soeur poznanski. The interviews were so great. I told sister poz about the miracle we had with the lady and she was crying. Shes awesome.

Well, thats it for now. Love you so much!!!! I am doing really well and it looks liek you guys are too! Thats all i can ask for haha. Love you tons!

Elder Thomas

Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowball fight with my comps!

Antony is Legit!


Hey mommy! Well Antony is legit! I know i keep saying that my new cities are sweet but i mean it every time! haha. So our area is huge first of all. Prolly like a two hour RER ride across the area. The RER is the metro here for future reference hehe. I am loving it so far. We have over two million people in our area too. So there definitely isnt a shortage of people to preach to!

Yeah it is pretty flippin cold here. BUt its all good in the hood. Saturday night it snowed a ton. SO church was cancelled. But we were able to go to a ward in downtown paris for sacrament. The building is like an 8 minute walk from Notre Dame! Cool!

The appartment is super awesome too. It is very nice and i love all the elders there. My comps name is elder dickson. He is in his fifth transfer and is pretty cool. We get along great so far! The other two elders are super awesome. Lets just say there isnt a shortage of laughter in there haha. I am the only one new here in antony. The others have been here already.

I love being in paris. It is a super crazy different atmosphere and lifestyle. Really fast paced and just hard to describe haha. But i like it. Glad you like the photos on facebook haha. Save all of those!

This last week i got to go to mission council where president rolled out his new plan for us this year. It is going to be sweet!!!!!!!! He has set the goal for each pair to get a baptism by mid march. So i am ready to go get that! President is so awesome.

My new comp is really cool. We are getting along great so far. He is from federal way washington haha. SO we have that in common a bit. We are doing well together so far. They didnt have any work going on before i came. So i really have some work to do. But i am excited for it, This is a great area.

Well today we are going to go shop a bit on sales. And then prolly go to notre dame! Should be cool! Love you so much! And miss you a ton. Talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Brussels...


I'm leaving Brussels...


Hey!!!!!! Well i am off to Antony this wednesday. What a sad sunday it was yesterday haha. But i know that i need to be in antony at this time and that there are great things in store! I am really excited! It will be a totally new experience being in the paris area. Especially with being in bruxelles for such a long time haha. I am practically belge! I sure have the accent haha. I am excited to get back to france though and back in the language and culture. There is work to do in antony.

Later in the day on saturday we got a call from the assistants... elder mayne haha. He said that president wanted to call us but was really busy. SO he had them call to tell us that he is very happy and proud with the work that we did in strombeek. Because it isnt easy there at all. He wanted to say that the white wash wasnt becaus of anything we did or because we didnt have enough work. It was odd circumstances. He said that he wanted to keep me here but i have been here for six months and he really felt inspired that i was needed in antony at this time. So that call made me feel a ton better. I am really excited to go see what is in store in antony!
I am pretty sad to leave this area though. Granted it was way tougher than i let you guys know haha. But it was tons of fun battling with the people here haha. I bet you know what kind of people im talking about...they wear turbans hehe. But i love this place. It has become my home, haha. I really do have a family here. I have come to love so many people here. Members and amis alike. The ward was really sad to hear that we are leaving. Hopefully all goes well with the new missionaries. We have rdvs set up to go and eat with members today and tomorrow before we go haha. We will all definitely go to church here in bruxelles. Last night the holloways invited us over along with the fernandes family and ludovic and his mom for a bbq haha. It was so much fun. I love ludovic and samuel fernendes, They are awesome. Today we will just be packing and seeing a little more of bruxelles before we go haha. Of course we will eat another kebab haha. Because they arent very good in france haha. And maybe a waffle too! The holoways will be mailing home a box of some of my stuff soon. SO look for that in a while. Just old letters and random stuff haha. And my panners from the first 8 transfers! Dont lose any of it! haha.

I am pretty jealous of oliverson going to the Orleans Zone. Tours is like the most french place in france haha. SO he is a lucky duck. I havent heard much about antony. I saw on a map that it is just south of downtown paris so that should be sweet! I will be in a four elder appartment so that should be fun too. I know one of the elders in the apt. He was my zone leader here in bruxelles two tranfers ago. He is sweet. But he dies this next transfer... ends his mission. His comp is a blue and my comp will be in his fifth transfer i believe. Never met him before haha. Should be good. I will be the district leader there too haha. So that will be fun.

Love you tons! I love you so much! haha and miss you a ton. Talk to you soon! From Paris!
Elder Thomas

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yo... This week really was a long one! haha Im not sure why but it feels like forever since i last emailed. This last week was pretty good. New years was a day of rest so we slept in a little and then played basketball at the church with the other elders for like four hours haha. That was fun. Then we hung out with them at night and played uno haha. It was a good day.

 On wednessday we saw Owen. Hes doing alright. Just not ready to kick his girlfriend to the curb like i would like him to haha. We tried to set a baptismal date with hum in february. But he told us that he wants to be baptized may fourth haha. I guess that is progress.

Thursday we had district meeting. It was really cool. Because the zone leaders told me that president wanted this one to be special and that i needed to pray and figure out what to do the training on. Well i got an answer for sure! It was really cool. President named this year the year of obedience. Sweet. So i talked about that and used the scriptures in Mosiah 7 verses 29 and 33. They really hit me. President actually ended up showing up for the district meeting here in bruxelles. Surprise! haha. I was a little nervous. But the training went great and he said that thats exactly what he was looking for. It was cool.

That day we also had a rdv with a guy from ghana named oppang. He is really cool. We gave him a book of mormon and he said he wanted to read it and pray so that he could find thre truth. He isnt happy with the church that he goes to right now. Honestly his story is similar to joseph smiths. Then we Went to a rdv with a guy named dieudonne which means god given haha. We contacted him like a week ago and he said we coould come over. When we walked in there was a big screen tv playing the lion king and 4 little kids watching it! His wife was at work that day. We finally found our family! They are really cool. SO we are excited to teach them. He is a soccer player here in belgium and he might go play for angola or congo.

I dont know if you remember a less active guy named michael. We have been meeting with him since i first got here. He was in a psychiatric hospital for depression. We lost contact with him for a while in september and october. But we finally got him to church on sunday! He was so happy. Also we have been working with a less active guy named gregory. And he is fully active now! The bishop is working with him to get a calling and the melchesidek priesthood. So sweet! Anyways that was pretty much my week haha. Oh and we are going to see jean luc and his friend tonight.

Well, Im going to go check out the sales today. Hopefully we can find some cool stuff! haha. Love you and miss you so much. Talk to you next week! Have a good one!
Elder Thomas

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!


Hello! Happy New Year! Almost haha. I cant believe that we will see each other this year! It is going by crazy fast. Parker told me that i have 349 days left! haha. Wow.
It was so great to see you guys on skype. You all look so great! It was awesome! I wish we could just skype fore like ten minutes once a month at least. But it was amazing to see you guys!

The amis are okay... kind of non existent right now haha. They all have kind of disappeared lately. We havent seen natacha in forever and owen says he can be baptized in like march maybe. The others we had to drop. We havent seen the three that we found again. But hopefully soon. Its a busy time of year. This past week we got fruged a ton. That means they either cancelled last minute or just didnt show up. It was stinky haha. But on saturday we were contacting and i saw a guy that looked familiar. Then i remembered that i contacted him with elder barker in my first transfer here. And he was really cool then and gave us his number. But he never answered to fix a rdv. BUt he saw us the other day and came up all excited and gave us his number. He said he had changed numbers and lost ours. He wanted to meet with us really bad and said he has lots of questions and is looking for the truth. Cool! So we ended up seeing him on sunday night and he brought a friend. They are really cool. Both hip hop dancers from congo haha. One is 19-Jean Luc and the other is 18-Jordy haha. SO that was really cool. Ludovic is still good.

Love you guys so much! Have a great new years!
Elder Thomas