Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve!


Merry Christmas eve! Today we are just hanging out for the day maybe we will play some football or basketball. Tonight we are going to eat with the curtis family!

Our amis were all busy this week. SO we didnt get to see them. But we did find three new amis! That was really cool. Ludovic is doing super well. Yesterday the stake president had his 24 year old daughter with him for the holidays. He is american. And ludovic was flirting with her, hehe. He really wants to find an lds girl to take to the temple! So awesome. SO we teased him a lot yesterday haha.

We had a christmas conference here in Brussels with president and the assistants. That was really fun. They just made it a fun one. We watched segments of the movie Iron Will. And related it to out life on a mission. Then we had a hot chocolate and pastry/cookie dinner haha. They gave us a few little gifts too. It was great. Saturday we went caroling with all of the missionaries in grand place in the rain haha. That was a ton of fun. People really liked it. They all tried to give us money haha. Also while contacting one time we were in a really ghetto area. Lets just call it little arabia. Thats underexagerating. A 13 year old kid walked past us and did something in his pocket and then dropped something on the ground about 15 feet in front of us. Then he sped up a bit. I had the distinct impression to stop and so i just put my hand out and told elder oliverson to stop. We waited for about 10 seconds and then the little thing on the ground blew up! It was a huge firecracker. We think it might have been an M80. Cool. So that was fun. We got out of that area pretty fast haha.

Well, I Cant wait to see you tomorrow! Love you so much! Talk to you tomorrow!
Elder Thomas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's haircut time!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My week was pretty good. Fairly normal. Lots of contacting. All of our amis were really busy and so we couldnt see them. They have exams or other things happened. Havent seen fabrice yet. But this last week we found five or six potential people to teach! We taught a guy from benin africa yesterday who plays for the brusseles football team. American football! haha I didnt know they had one. So of course we connected with him. HE plays fullback. Ludovic is still good. He has plans to go to the temple in april to do the work for his dad as far as baptism goes. So awesome!!!!!!!! And he is working on his mom too. You guys will be able to see him next year for sure!!!! I did a training this week in our district meeting, It was fun haha. I think everyone liked it. Glad you liked the video about referring your friends too haha. We obviously feel very strongly about that topic!
Im doing well in the cold here. I am going to buy a new winter coat. The sales will start up this week or next so im going to do that.
Thanks for all the candy! The fudge is so good! And i loved all of the pkgs every day for the 12 days thing. Oh yeah, We also went to our ward party yesterday and they had a black santa for the kids hahahaha. And i also did a baptismal interview for the sisters investigator who got baptized on friday, That was sweert. Who knew that i would ever do an interview haha. Love y0u and miss you a ton! Talk to you on christmas!
Elder Thomas

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey! I have been great this week! Its been a busy week with transfers and paris and amis haha. But it was good. First week as district leader was good haha. I like it a lot. I get to be in contact with the missionaries in the district a lot and help them out. I actually enjoy a lot of responisbility. Paris was so sweet! And i was able to go to the eiffel tower with my boy! haha. So theres your christmas card photo haha. Ill send it after emails. The council was so cool. Basically like knights of the roundtable missionary style haha. We just dscussed the mission and our goals and what we can do to improve in the mission. Also what we can do as leaders to help the mission. It was really cool. Sis posnanski took a lot of pics so look for those on facebook. We didnt have a whole lot of time to meet with amis this week. We did see natacha and she is doing well. Just wrapping up all of the commandements and she should accept baptism soon. We found a new family too! Well we only met with the husband so far but his name is fabrice and he is really cool and sincere in his search. He has a wife and two little kids. The best thing that happened this week though was yesterday. After church Ludovic got the aaronic priesthood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing! I got to stand in the circle for it and you could really feel the power and spirit there. HE was so excited. He will be a great priesthood holder. Then we set him apart as ward missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO aweseome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for him and this awesome step that he has taken. It has been less than three months from the time we met him and he has made a tremendous change. Im so grateful to have been a part of this miracle.
Yesterday after church we got the pkgs from the holloways! Yes! haha. They are so awesome!!!!!!!Thank you for everything that you do for me! You're awesome! Love you so much and i will talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

Putting up the tree!!!

I'm officially a Disney addict...thanks Grandma!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My only pics of the week

A random statue...and my birthday cake!!!

The New District Leader!

Well i am staying in Bruxelles! Sorry I couldnt email but we had to check it and run. Plus we already knew what would happen. On friday i got a call from the assistants to president... one is elder mayne haha. And I was called to be the new district leader here! Pretty excited for that and very grateful to have that trust put in me. So i will be here for at least another transfer.

Ludovic is doing very well. He is prepping to get the priesthood soon and i think that he will be called as a ward missionary! That would be so cool! He came to stake conference yesterfday and was so excited for it haha. President and sister poznansky ended up coming and speaking too which was great. He liked that. Natacha is doing well. She wants to get baptized but wont fix a date yet. She is getting really busy with exams right now too. BUt she is doing well. Owen is good too. Said he cant be baptized until february. Dang haha. BUt at least he has a desire to. We still havent seen christian yet. Too busy i guess. We met with the man from ghana that we met at the baptism and he is really cool. He has a good desire to know christ and follow him. SO thats cool. We have also been getting a lot of new numbers from people lately and so hopefully we can get some lesons set up soon. It snowed for the first time yesterday and for a while this morning. Nothing sticking though haha. Its kinda like washington. It is super cold though.

We are going to Paris on thursday because I get to go to a leadership counsel meeting haha. It should be fun. Love you and miss you so much! Thank you so much for the pkgs! Maybe we will make the trek out there today. idk. Im sure they will be fine till sunday. Thank you so much. Love you and talk to you soon!

Elder Thomas