Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve!


Merry Christmas eve! Today we are just hanging out for the day maybe we will play some football or basketball. Tonight we are going to eat with the curtis family!

Our amis were all busy this week. SO we didnt get to see them. But we did find three new amis! That was really cool. Ludovic is doing super well. Yesterday the stake president had his 24 year old daughter with him for the holidays. He is american. And ludovic was flirting with her, hehe. He really wants to find an lds girl to take to the temple! So awesome. SO we teased him a lot yesterday haha.

We had a christmas conference here in Brussels with president and the assistants. That was really fun. They just made it a fun one. We watched segments of the movie Iron Will. And related it to out life on a mission. Then we had a hot chocolate and pastry/cookie dinner haha. They gave us a few little gifts too. It was great. Saturday we went caroling with all of the missionaries in grand place in the rain haha. That was a ton of fun. People really liked it. They all tried to give us money haha. Also while contacting one time we were in a really ghetto area. Lets just call it little arabia. Thats underexagerating. A 13 year old kid walked past us and did something in his pocket and then dropped something on the ground about 15 feet in front of us. Then he sped up a bit. I had the distinct impression to stop and so i just put my hand out and told elder oliverson to stop. We waited for about 10 seconds and then the little thing on the ground blew up! It was a huge firecracker. We think it might have been an M80. Cool. So that was fun. We got out of that area pretty fast haha.

Well, I Cant wait to see you tomorrow! Love you so much! Talk to you tomorrow!
Elder Thomas

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