Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The New District Leader!

Well i am staying in Bruxelles! Sorry I couldnt email but we had to check it and run. Plus we already knew what would happen. On friday i got a call from the assistants to president... one is elder mayne haha. And I was called to be the new district leader here! Pretty excited for that and very grateful to have that trust put in me. So i will be here for at least another transfer.

Ludovic is doing very well. He is prepping to get the priesthood soon and i think that he will be called as a ward missionary! That would be so cool! He came to stake conference yesterfday and was so excited for it haha. President and sister poznansky ended up coming and speaking too which was great. He liked that. Natacha is doing well. She wants to get baptized but wont fix a date yet. She is getting really busy with exams right now too. BUt she is doing well. Owen is good too. Said he cant be baptized until february. Dang haha. BUt at least he has a desire to. We still havent seen christian yet. Too busy i guess. We met with the man from ghana that we met at the baptism and he is really cool. He has a good desire to know christ and follow him. SO thats cool. We have also been getting a lot of new numbers from people lately and so hopefully we can get some lesons set up soon. It snowed for the first time yesterday and for a while this morning. Nothing sticking though haha. Its kinda like washington. It is super cold though.

We are going to Paris on thursday because I get to go to a leadership counsel meeting haha. It should be fun. Love you and miss you so much! Thank you so much for the pkgs! Maybe we will make the trek out there today. idk. Im sure they will be fine till sunday. Thank you so much. Love you and talk to you soon!

Elder Thomas

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