Monday, August 26, 2013

Marko and Pierre are getting Baptized!

This week was super awesome! We saw a ton of really cool things happen and lots of miracles. We were so blessed this week. We were able to see marko a lot this week and he is on track to be baptized this saturday the 31st. He has been through a lot of bad stuff and so it will be a great miracle to see him baptized. Fely is still in paris i think. His phone doesnt work anymore and we passed by his house in the beginning of the week and his brother said that he was still in paris. So we arent sure. We didnt have a lot of time to just pass by his house. The cassais family is doing well. The mom has a boyfriend in haiti with her other 3 kids. SO she doesnt want to get baptized until she is either married or he is a member too. Understandable. But we saw them earlier in the week and she actually lives with her cousin and she is super interested too! She really wants to know if the church is true and i can see her getting baptized soon. Her son the eight year old Lindsky is super cool. Just so strong in his faith.

The rest of the week was just full of miracles. The sisters met a guy from cameroon named pierre on the letro last week. He said he wanted to meet with us so they passed us his info. We had a lesson with him earlier in the week and it went super well. We taught him about the restoration and invited him to pray to know if joseph smith was a prophet. We also invited him to be baptized when he knows these things are true and he accepted. Then on saturday we saw him again and did a follow up of our engagements and asked if he had prayed. He said no that he didnt ask to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet but rather prayed so that he could belive and accept it. Then he said that he believes it is true. At the end of our lesson on the book of mormon we asked him if he had any questions. And he said well yeah. How do i join your church and become a member?? So crazy haha. We told him that it is through baptism and we set a date for the 8th of september! He is ready to do it! He has such a strong faith in christ and just wants to follow him.
We also got to see a guy named jared that we met last week and he is doing really well. He is really searching for the truth. We were just able to find a lot of new people who are searching for the gospel. It was a great week. We taught a ton of lessons too. Busy all week.

I also went to a members house to eat galettes. A specialty of rennes. They are like crepes but bigger and made with black flour. They are like dinner crepes. So good!
Hope you all have a great week!
Love you and talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

Monday, August 19, 2013

I made the sisters cry...

Well another week ticks by. I feel like my mission is on fast forward. Where's the pause button??! This week we had interviews with Pres. and Souer Poznanski. The interviews went super well and so did our training that we gave. The zone was pretty excited to go out and follow the spirit! I told a cool experience that i had in antony with the family we tracted into. The ones that saw angels. How we met them for the first time. I had the sisters all crying. hehe. President Poznanski's brother came and made pizza for us. It was super good!

The week has been alright, One of those rougher ones haha. But good things are on the way. The family that we found... the one in the video, The Casais family, is doing okay. The mom isnt quite ready for baptism. She says maybe in october... so we will work with that. So excited to be working with them.
Marko got thrown into political prison. But he is out now, it was a mistake by the government. They now owe him 1300 euros haha. He came to church on sunday and everything went well. He is on his way to being baptized the 31st!!!
Fely went to paris for the week to visit his family. Hopefully he will be back soon.
We also have some cool potential people too. We Met two african ladies in the store while grocery shopping haha. I was making the baby laugh and so she talked to us.
Im feeling well and doing well. May have gotten food poisoning again on thursday haha. We ate a really sketchy kebab... But by saturday i was back to normal.
That's our week. Hope you all have a great week. Love you!
Elder Thomas

Chilling in the Apt... What Rennes looks like...

Monday, August 12, 2013

A great week...

Salut la famille!
Missionary life is going just splendid this week. finally feeling better and the weather is really beautiful now. Couldnt ask for a whole lot more! We had a pretty good week and some exciting stuff happened. We had a rdv with claude lorche the older lady... oh boy. We took an older couple to go teach with us. But she was a little stubborn... like taking romeo to the vet stubborn. Anyways she basically read to us from the encyclopedia about mormons. In there it says that we are a polygamist cult haha. so she didnt like that. We wont see her again.
Fely is doing well. We taught him the first part of the plan of salvation. Pre earth life the creation and adam and eve. He had some good questions and some crazy ones. Like where eden is and what kind of fruit they ate haha. But he is doing well. he is back in paris for the week to finally see his family again so we are excited for him.

Tuesday night we took a train to paris and i got to stay the night in the antony appartment! It was so good to be back there. Then early the next morning i had to go finish up my legality for my french visa! But now it is all done! I have a sweet french legality card now. Then we went to St. merri to wait for mission council with all the zone leaders and prez.

Oliverson is a zone leader back in bruxelles now! So jealous haha. I got to hang out with him all day. Mission counicl was good. we learned about following the feelings we have from the spirit to contact people. It was super good. We will give a training to our zone on that tomorrow coupled with our interviews with prez.

We also got a call from marko this week. He is back in rennes and so we saw him. And he wants to be baptized the 31st of august. So we taught him and fixed the date and he seemed super ready to go. but then he kinda got mad at a member that we had with us and then didnt come to church... So the date is kinda in limbo. Not sure how serious he is about being baptized. We shall see.

On saturday we were just waiting at a bus stop after a lesson just talking and then a lady came up to us with her son. She asked if we were from the church of jesus christ and we said, uh yeah? Then she said that her son who is eight was taught and baptized by the missionaries in guadalupe in march. They have been in rennes for a month and have been looking for the church but couldnt find it. They just happened to be in the area and saw us and were super happy to find us. We asked if she was a member and she just said not yet haha. We were able to teach them sunday night and the mom wants to be baptized! she wants to take her time though and said maybe in october. Hopefully we can speed it up. She knows the church is true already. It was just super cool to see how the lord works to guide us. She had been searching and her son just told her to put her trust in god and he would help them find the missionaries. SO cool. I'm super excited to teach this family!

Hope you all have a great week and know that i love and miss you tons. Four months from today! loves!

Playing football on mission council with oliverson and withers.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Transfer 14 and counting...

I cant believe that it is already the start of a new transfer. Transfer 14.... Im such an old missionary haha. Its weird. I was in bruxelles a year ago. And got my call almost two ago haha. Its getting exciting that home is so close. But scary at the same time. I have so little time left to work. I will be staying here in rennes with elder b for another transfer. Woot! It should be good. Hopefully we can get some baptisms out here! Things are still going pretty well. We were able to see fely a couple times and he is doing well. A little skeptical but he is praying a lot for his answer. We were able to teach a family that we met a couple weeks ago. They really like the family proclamation and said we can come back. But they are going on vacation till september...All french people leave for the whole month of august. So it should be interesting. This week we made some sausage and elder b said it was done and that i was going to burn it... i thought otherwise. But i just agreed to avoid conflict haha. And what do you know? I got a minor case of food poisoning haha. At least we think thats what it was. It could have also been the massive amount of french cheese we decided to eat that day? But im over it now. But i should be back ready to go tomorrow. We met a super cool old lady named claude lorche.  She is a super quirky old lady. I like her a lot. We taught her twice and will see her tonight. She is really curious about our beliefs. She was raised catholic which has kinda destroyed her faith in God... long story. So we are helping her to realize that she is a daughter of God. But we have to pass her to the sisters... we have to pass any women that we find to them. Oh well.

I always write a miracle that happened during the day at the end of each journal entry. There's always a small one. Thanks for all your support and prayers! Hope you have a good week. Give everyone a big bisous for me! haha. Loves!

Poutine...A Canadian specialty my comp made. And our cheese & bread buffet...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Opportunities to testify and teach...

This was a pretty good week. we were certainly very blessed! It has cooled down a ton recently so im grateful for that! This last Tuesday we had the baptism of Annick Gautier. It was amazing! Seriously the best baptism that i have been too. She is a very nervous and shy person, so the only people that she allowed at the baptism were me and my comp, the sisters and the ward mission leader. It was a really spiritual meeting. We did the confirmation right after too. very cool. Wednesday we had a lesson with some jehovas witnesses. they just tried to bible bash. But i wouldnt take that haha. lets just say i took them down haha. we wont be seeing them again... We also met with a man named Fely who came to church last week. He is from south africa. he is here with his brother(who won the nobel peace prize in 1981) for health reasons while his family is in paris. This week we saw him twice and taught him about the restoration and the book of mormon. he really enjoys the lessons and is super sincere in his search. Thursday we went to paris for a leadership training from Pres. and Sister P. It was so good! really uplifting and answered a ton of my questions. thats where the facebook pics are from haha. glad you liked the song! That night we went back to Rennes because the elders in Brest needed a place to stay for the night. The next day we went back to Paris and then Versailles for exchanges with the assistants. They were pretty good. We came back to Rennes on saturday afternoon and saw a man named Mr. Henry and his wife Bijoux. they are really searching for the truth. we have taught them the restoration and they want to keep seeing us. That night we saw the other man named igor who came to church last week. He came again this week and we taught him a few times. He is super cool and sincere too!
Sunday night we passed by a 20 yr old guy who we had run into a few times. He was finally home and we were able to teach him about God.

One thing that really impressed me this week was how sincere all of the people are that we are teaching. They all have a real desire to follow jesus christ and find the truth.

Things realy picked up this week and we were so blessed to have so many opportunities to testify and teach.

Thank you all for the support and prayers! Talk soon.
Elder Thomas