Monday, August 26, 2013

Marko and Pierre are getting Baptized!

This week was super awesome! We saw a ton of really cool things happen and lots of miracles. We were so blessed this week. We were able to see marko a lot this week and he is on track to be baptized this saturday the 31st. He has been through a lot of bad stuff and so it will be a great miracle to see him baptized. Fely is still in paris i think. His phone doesnt work anymore and we passed by his house in the beginning of the week and his brother said that he was still in paris. So we arent sure. We didnt have a lot of time to just pass by his house. The cassais family is doing well. The mom has a boyfriend in haiti with her other 3 kids. SO she doesnt want to get baptized until she is either married or he is a member too. Understandable. But we saw them earlier in the week and she actually lives with her cousin and she is super interested too! She really wants to know if the church is true and i can see her getting baptized soon. Her son the eight year old Lindsky is super cool. Just so strong in his faith.

The rest of the week was just full of miracles. The sisters met a guy from cameroon named pierre on the letro last week. He said he wanted to meet with us so they passed us his info. We had a lesson with him earlier in the week and it went super well. We taught him about the restoration and invited him to pray to know if joseph smith was a prophet. We also invited him to be baptized when he knows these things are true and he accepted. Then on saturday we saw him again and did a follow up of our engagements and asked if he had prayed. He said no that he didnt ask to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet but rather prayed so that he could belive and accept it. Then he said that he believes it is true. At the end of our lesson on the book of mormon we asked him if he had any questions. And he said well yeah. How do i join your church and become a member?? So crazy haha. We told him that it is through baptism and we set a date for the 8th of september! He is ready to do it! He has such a strong faith in christ and just wants to follow him.
We also got to see a guy named jared that we met last week and he is doing really well. He is really searching for the truth. We were just able to find a lot of new people who are searching for the gospel. It was a great week. We taught a ton of lessons too. Busy all week.

I also went to a members house to eat galettes. A specialty of rennes. They are like crepes but bigger and made with black flour. They are like dinner crepes. So good!
Hope you all have a great week!
Love you and talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

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