Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Staying Positive Despite Trials...

Well with good times there are always bad times too... sadly haha. It seems like every good week is followed by a tough one. This last week was pretty rough. It started out monday night when we were supposed to have a rendezvous with marko. He got there before us and there were a few members at the church. He had a little problem with one of them and left. So we didnt see him that night and he was furious. We were supposed to see him the next day but he cancelled until wednesday. He cancelled again and then thursday night dropped the bomb that he doesnt want to see us again or be baptized. So that was a big trial. It was so hard to see him get so close and then fall. I dont think he will come back this time either. We also didnt hear anything from Pierre this week. No answers or calls from him. So it doesnt look like we will be seeing him again. Not sure what happened. So we were a little bummed this week. Two huge blows. The rest of the week was rough and we werent able to find anyone to teach. We did find one man who we saw on thursday who seemed really cool and said he would come to church with his son. But no news since then... So we are at square one for the moment.

But on a huge bright side we have had a goal since the start of last transfer in the mission to get 100 baptisms before the 15th of september. Thats when elder oaks is coming to france (including Rennes) to create another stake and reorganize our stake here in the brittany area. It's Big news! Well this weekend we hit 100 baptisms!!!!!!! That means we did it in 10 weeks! Just In the month of august which has been the toughest month in france for missionary work because of the dreaded french vacation, we were able to have 52 baptisms!!!

Prez looked back at the past 20 years in the mission and we have never come close before. So needless to say miracles are happening in the mission!!! We were supposed to be able to meet as a mission to hear from elder oaks in two weeks but he will be so busy that he cant see all of the mission anymore :( But I should be able to see him since i am in rennes. We will go to paris for the conference where they reorganize the stakes. It will be a huge deal. So we are super excited about that in the mission :)
I am doing well and staying positive despite the trials. I know they are for a reason. I just keep trying to do my best and push through. Love you tons!!! Have an awesome week and let everyone know i love them!!!! Tootles!

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