Monday, September 9, 2013

Big things are happening in this Mission!!!

Hey! It has been a good week. Still a little tough but it looks like things will pick up soon. This week i wasnt in rennes very much haha. On tuesday after our district meeting i went to vannes for an exchange with our district leader who is from la reunion. He is super awesome!! We had a great exchange together and we both learned a lot. Im so grateful to be able to go on exchanges and teach other missionaries and help them learn and improve. Its a very humbling responsibility. Then on thursday my comp and i both went to the city lorient to do another exchange. I wen twith an elder from my group back in the mtc. It was such a frustrating exchange. He doesnt want to be here and is just doing it to look good and please his parents. SO that exchange was interesting.
We were able to see the cassais family this week too. They are doing really well. We taught them half of the plan of salvation and they loved it. Their cousin norline is doing super well too. She told us that she really feels the spirit strong when we are there and when we speak.
THe sisters talked to a man from algeria and passed him to us. We saw him last night and taught him about the restoration. He is muslim but interested in christianity. He has so many questions. All of which we can answer! It was hard to not just sit there and answer all of his questions. He also already believes in chastity and he asked us if we drink and we said no and he high fived us haha. SO he should be cool.
I dont know if i told you about the mongolian couple who has been coming to church. They are members who live in laval a city that is a 45min train ride from rennes. tHey were at church yesterday and brought a thirteen yr old mongolian girl to church who isnt a member. They told us that they are friends with her family in laval and that they want to meet with us! It is a family of five! SO we will see them this week. Super excited for that. Thats about it for this week haha.

THis upcoming week will be a historical one for france. Elder oaks and elder ballard will be in paris all week preparing for sunday. They are closing the district of lorient which is out here in the brittany area and it will be incorporated in the new rennes stake which is moving from the angers stake. They will also open a new paris stake and work on the temples foundation which begins this week!!!!! Thats huge! France will no longer have districts but will now have all stakes! Super big stuff happening here. SO grateful to be a part of it and to be a missionary speeding things along. SUnday will be an awesome day. Im also hoping to be able to see some of my recent converts in paris while im there. Mainly Xavier.

This week There was an elder that finished his mission in our ward. He had his homecoming yesterday and i couldnt help but picture that first sunday back... haha, Okay enough being trunky. Love you guys so much. The time is flying by and im just trying to do all that i can with it! Have a great week. Love you so much! Je vous aime

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