Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Training the new Zone Leader...

Well it was a pretty awesome week with the conference this weekend. I will be staying here in rennes this transfer and probably finishing the mission here. We will see. I will be getting a new comp and Training him as a zone leader... It will be his first time. SO that should be really good. Excited for that.

We were able to teach the muslim guy Reis a few times. He is progressing pretty well. Hopefully we can see him tonight. He leaves for algeria for the rest of the month tomorrow. The cassais family is good. Havent seen them for a bit because we were gone all weekend and they were busy.
But Fely is back! Not sure if you remember him. He has the brother that won the nobel peace prize. He is back from paris. SO we were able to see him this week twice and he is doing well. We saw him friday night at a member family's home and it was great. We did a FHE together. He has a lot of health issues and it is really hard for him. I felt impressed to give him a blessing at the end. I offered and he accepted thankfully. It was a great experience. I got to give him the blessing and it was really cool. He is progressing well and really seeking the will of the lord in his life. Its amazing to see. The mongolian family was in nantes this week so we didnt get to see them. But a couple in the ward actually brought the 13 yr old daughter to the conference and she loved it! We will see them this week.

THis weekend was crazy and awesome haha. On saturday we took a four hour train... there was work on the line so it took that long instead of 2 hours. We rode it with the sisters and they decided we needed to do a picnic haha. So they made sandwiches and candy and we got veggies and dip haha. It was a lot of fun. Our sisters are awesome. Amazing people. They keep us in line haha. Then we had some time to walk around downtown paris and then stayed the night in antony. Got to hang out with elder jensen. We then got up at 430 in the morning the next day to get ready and make the trek to vesinet le peq for the conference. It was great though. They rented a huge auditorium for the 3000 members. Elder Oaks was awesome and really funny. He talked about the stakes and how France is now covered in stakes and about the new temple. He also talked a lot about covenants and their importance. Its always great to be in their presence.

OUr train didnt leave for a while sunday so i got to see some members from antony and we just ate lunch out front of notre dame haha. NO big deal haha. Then we took the 2 and a half hour train home! Fun stuff haha. It was a great conference though. The work is progressing and miracles are happening! Im super excited to stay as zone leader too here. I love serving the other missionaries.
Hope you all have a good week! LOVES
Elder Thomas

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