Monday, September 24, 2012

Elder Barker and I Traded Jackets...

He's a very slim guy as you can see...

The Baraketse Family


Hey mama! How are you doing this week?? I'm doing pretty good. That is so awesome that Elder Bednar came to speak for a special stake conference! Super cool. Yup. He came and spoke to us in the MTC. It was so amazing. He also spoke about turning outwards. So cool that he did the same message! I loved it and it has helped me to always be trying to turn outwards to others when I want to turn inwards to myself. I have a lot of work to do haha. Always improving. But it has been a constant remender in the back of my mind.

Thats so funny that you already found out about us meeting the senior couple hahahaha. That was just last night! So funny. Yup, there was another couple here in Bruxelles but they finished their mission. So this couple, the Okellberry couple was in another city in Bruxelles but got transferred here to run the young adult center. They live right down the street from us. Like a two minute walk! So we decided to make them my famous no bake cookies haha and bring them to them. We were just talking about where each other was from and they started naming a couple people that they knew from scottsdale and he was like do you know steve morgan and I was like no way! Thats my bishop! haha. It was so cool because bishop has told me many stories about him with his three musketeer friends as a youth and had actually talked about elder okelberry too haha. Super funny. So they are actually in our district and we see them at least every tuesday if not more haha. Glad you liked the mustache pics hahaha. Pretty funny.

Our week was really good. We still arent teaching a whole lot but we are doing so much work with the ward and it is really so much fun. I love this ward a ton. We are starting to get invited over more and more too haha. We are being taken care of very well here. Last night we ate with an american family and they fed us all american food that they bought from the commisary here haha. rootbeer and fajitas haha. Then they asked what our favorite cereals were and so I ended up walking home with a box of lucky charms in hand hahaha. This last week we decided to show up at a members home and we asked them if we could pray with them because we were going to do tracting in their neighborhood. The dad gave the prayer and they were pretty touched that we wanted to pray and work in their area. So then we set out and knocked on about five doors. But we got the number of a young family who said we could come back and teach, also we set a lesson with a woman for the sisters. And we saw a guy kinda far down the street walking. So we decided we better go get him. We kinda had to run and chase him down haha. But we contacted him and he was super cool. He invited us to his home that night and we taught him about the book of mormon and we will see him again this friday. He is from rwanda and his wife and two kids are still there but will come here in november. SO cool! I know that it is because of the faith of the members that we had those miracles. We told the whole ward about it in church and they all thought it was so sweet. The mom that we prayed with was crying too and told us she was so thankful to have great elders that valued the members faith so much. It really was a great experience. Also, the little girl Osaertin will be baptized the 14th of october. We had to move it later because of general conference. This last week we also had our zone conference which was so good. Sis poznanski took a lot of pics of us and I'm in a few. So look for those on facebook haha. Anyways I am doing super well. Missing you guys like crazy of course. But in no time it will have been a year! so crazy haha. I love you and miss you a ton. I'll talk to you soon. Hope you guys are doing well!

Love Elder Thomas

Friday, September 7, 2012


Sept.3, 2012

Hey guys!! Man it feels like a long time since I have written you back! But it also seems like it has gone by super fast. haha. This last week was pretty good. We didn't get to teach a lesson this week until sunday  so that was kind of hard. But yesterday ended up being a super awesome day. Church was really good. We fasted so that we will be able to find someone to baptize this month. We have fixed a goal as a mission to have 78 baptisms this month. That means one per companionship. So we are really excited to work for that. In the morning before church I prayed for the opportunity to give a blessing to someone. Because I have never been able to do that in my life! So right after church a lady walked up and asked me if we could give her a blessing. SO I was super pumped! But she chose me to do the annointing and Elder Barker for the blessing. I have done a couple annointings before. In french too haha. So I was bummed about that. Then a member asked us if we could go with hil to bring the sacrament to a sick lady and her husband. So we went and they are super nice. Her husband isn't a member and is being taught by the sister missionaries. After we did the sacrament they both asked for blessings. The husband chose me to do the annointing and the wife chose me to give her actual blessing. It was such a great experience!!! Really I could feel the power of the priesthood and guidance as I gave the blessing. My first blessing ever! haha And it was in french haha. Her name is Nini Schippers :) It was so awesome. After that the husband told us he had decided that he wants to get baptized on the 7th of october! Haha so we called the sisters and let them know hahaha. It was really cool. We also were able to teach our Amis Charles and Jennis finally. And then Charles said that he knows that the book of mormon is true!!! We are still working on his wife though haha. He also said that he gave his book to his brother in law because he was really interested. He also invited us to an african celebration for their new baby haha. That will be sweet! They are from Ghana. He said that there will be tons of his family and friends and that we can teach them all!!! That will be so sweet. We already taught his cousin william but had to pass him to the other elders. But he came to church and is doing really well. So we are pretty excited about all of that haha. We also contacted this woman with two kids. She was super nice and open. Literally golden haha. But we had to pass her to the sisters. We keep hooking up other missionaries with golden amis! haha. Other than all that we did a lot of contacting this week. It was hard work but we feel really good about what work we have done. Love you guys and miss you a ton! Cant believe that it is already September. Love you!!!
Elder Thomas