Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Six months to sexy...

Well this week was full of walking and talking to people and crêpe eating of course. What else is new? But we really saw a lot of miracles this week. Ill try to give you a run down haha. Monday was a lazy pday and then we got lost that night looking for someone who ended up not being home after two hours of searching. Like i said, what else is new? Tuesday we gave our training to the zone... i forgot to get a zone pic. Déso maman. I had an exchange with one of our district leaders and we saw xavier and kareena. They are doing really well. We tried to see marino that night but he wasnt home... Not sure whats up. But we couldnt see him all week. Hopefully this week. Mercredi we met with xavier and his friend vigin. we set a baptismal date for the ninth of june! He is super cool and really wants to improve and change his life especially after seeing the change in xavier. We may need to push the date back a week because he didnt come to church and there is a bit of a language barrier. But he will be baptized this month for sure! Then we met with a woman from sri lanka that we met by our house. Her name is Renu and she is super cool! She is bhuddist and so she doesnt know much about god or christ. But we explained our purpose in inviting her to come unto christ. We explained who god is and taught her how to pray. She is super sincere and wants to learn more! On thursday we met with claudine... not sure if you remember her or not, her daughter was the one who prayed for an answer from god and then we knocked on the door. It went super well. We watched the joseph smith video and she understood the importance of the restoration super well and wants to pray to know if it is true. Super cool. That night we went tracting in a big building and found a cool young african girl about our age named nes. We saw her the next day and she is super cool. She really wants to come closer to christ in her life. We also saw Vigin that day and a new woman named zackie. Her mom is a member in benin africa and sent us her number. So we passed by her house and she is interested a bit in learning what her mom believes. Hopefully that desire will grow into something more. Saturday was a rough day with a lot of waiting for people and cancelled rendezvous. Sunday renu came to church with her sister and friend! Super cool! Also two people we had contacted came too! Legit! Xavier was called as the new ward missionary and then we helped give him the priesthood after! Kareena was called as the gospel principles class president. So cool! Xavier is one of my best friends. He is just so awesome. Every time i see him he just thanks me for changing his life. He helps me to just keep going and looking for those who are ready.

I also got an email from ludovic today thanking me and he is doing super well. He may have found his future wife too haha. Ill keep you posted. Everything is going super well and we are just chugging along. Its getting a little weird right now as we are closing in on six months left... both elder jensen and i. So it is difficult sometimes to not get distracted sometimes and think about home. We are both planning on starting six months to sexy, hahaha... Gotta start working out and eat a few less patiseries and kebabs!

Thank you for everything that you do and for how much support you give me. I can feel your prayers and those of the whole family each day. I love you guys!!!! "Your sandy hair blows in the air oh so high just flying by like a kite in the sky" hahaha... Loves!
Elder Thomas

Sorry no pics this week...forgot my camera cord.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Paris Mission is growing...


This week was pretty good. We had a ton of random things to do so we ended up not having a ton of time to do actual missionary work in our sector. monday was pday and then we went to a family's house to do an FHE with kareena. That went pretty well. We ate a specialty that was kinda weird. It is called riette. Basically they take a whole pig and grind it all together and make this paste sort of consistency. Then you eat it on bread. Yumm? It was okay haha. Tuesday we had to finish putting together the new appartment for the sisters in paris. That took a while and then we had to go to st. merri and move all of the luggage of the 40 new missionaries coming in. So basically 120 bags. Whoa. That night we went to a members house and ate some yummy african food and had a blast with them. Then wednesday i took elder webber to st. merri and sent him off to strasbourg. Then had to chill there until my comp arrived. I was able to see all of the missionaries that i know and best of all my son haha. Elder oliverson was training! So i got a pic with him and my grandson. He's hawaiian! legit haha. Thursday we had to go to Evry to do two baptismal interviews. That ended up taking like seven hours because our train got delayed and so we were stuck haha. Then friday i went and waited for legality for five hours and now im legal for the next three months but not finished yet. Then i caught the last half of mission council and then we had to go to north paris for another baptismal interview. That took up the rest of the day. Then Saturday we had a ton to plan for and then finally we were able to get to work. We did get a couple referrals and some cool new people. But nothing super new or exciting yet. Hopefully soon! Marino is doing well and hopefully will accept to be baptized soon. Xavier is inviting everyone that he knows to meet with us and come to church haha. So he is doing super well! Anyways all is well here. Love you guys and miss you tons as always! Love you, talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

Me, Oliverson and his blue.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transfer day... 40 new missionaries arrived today. I'm staying in Antony with my new comp Elder Jensen.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why I'm on a mission...

It was so great to be able to talk with you guys on skype! It was just a super good hour or so...haha. This is a special time that we all have to learn and grow. And i am so grateful for that. Often when talking with people in the street they ask what the heck i want or why i am bothering them. Or why i left my family and everything behind for two years to come to france. And i tell them that i am hear to help families find the same joy and happiness that my family has found together through the gospel.

Love you tons. Talk to you soon. Have a great week! Oh yeah... My new comp is named elder jensen. He was one of the elders in my first appartment in lille haha. Should be good! Loves!!!!!
Elder Thomas

Family pic 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bonjour tout le monde!

Well this week was another great one! It flew by. We had a lot of odd jobs to take care of that took a lot of our time. Baptismal interviews and exchanges and such haha. But it was great. On sunday Kareena was baptized!!! She was so happy and the baptism was great! It really just went so well. She literally was glowing afterwards. So amazing. I wish that you guys could be there to see one. Imagine how amazing it would be to bring a family that you know into the ward. So awesome! Im pretty excited to do member missionary work when i get home. Im working on a few friends right now.

Anyways we fasted on saturday and sunday specifically to find a new family who needs the gospel... They all do but one who is ready for it. We worked our butts off and sunday night we knocked on doors for over two hours just getting doors slammed in our face. But then the last door... always the last one... a lady opened and was nice but said no thank you. But then we testified and she let us in! She is from guadalupe and has two adorable little girls. She really needs this gospel and christ in her life. We will see her tonight too.

Xavier is doing super well. He is so funny haha. He is getting ready to recieve the priesthood. This morning he called us and said that one of his friends is interested in talking with us. So we are going to teach thel tonight! After Kareena's baptism on sunday he asked us if we found her in the street too like him. We said yes and then he said, So you guys are like the heros arounds here. You brought us both to God. It was so awesome to hear that. I love xavier!

Other than that that everything is great! Im sure other stuff happened this week. But thats the main stuff. Now we just have to wait till sunday for kareena to get the holy ghost!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Cant believe that bishop was released! So sad... he will always be my bishop. Cant wait to talk to you guys though on sunday!!!!!It will be so awesome!!!!!!Love you tons and miss you a lot! Have a great week!
Elder Thomas

Picture of Kareena's Baptism