Monday, May 20, 2013

The Paris Mission is growing...


This week was pretty good. We had a ton of random things to do so we ended up not having a ton of time to do actual missionary work in our sector. monday was pday and then we went to a family's house to do an FHE with kareena. That went pretty well. We ate a specialty that was kinda weird. It is called riette. Basically they take a whole pig and grind it all together and make this paste sort of consistency. Then you eat it on bread. Yumm? It was okay haha. Tuesday we had to finish putting together the new appartment for the sisters in paris. That took a while and then we had to go to st. merri and move all of the luggage of the 40 new missionaries coming in. So basically 120 bags. Whoa. That night we went to a members house and ate some yummy african food and had a blast with them. Then wednesday i took elder webber to st. merri and sent him off to strasbourg. Then had to chill there until my comp arrived. I was able to see all of the missionaries that i know and best of all my son haha. Elder oliverson was training! So i got a pic with him and my grandson. He's hawaiian! legit haha. Thursday we had to go to Evry to do two baptismal interviews. That ended up taking like seven hours because our train got delayed and so we were stuck haha. Then friday i went and waited for legality for five hours and now im legal for the next three months but not finished yet. Then i caught the last half of mission council and then we had to go to north paris for another baptismal interview. That took up the rest of the day. Then Saturday we had a ton to plan for and then finally we were able to get to work. We did get a couple referrals and some cool new people. But nothing super new or exciting yet. Hopefully soon! Marino is doing well and hopefully will accept to be baptized soon. Xavier is inviting everyone that he knows to meet with us and come to church haha. So he is doing super well! Anyways all is well here. Love you guys and miss you tons as always! Love you, talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

Me, Oliverson and his blue.

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  1. Good to hear it,.. I've have been reading your post and I love it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience their.

    God Bless!

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