Monday, May 6, 2013

Bonjour tout le monde!

Well this week was another great one! It flew by. We had a lot of odd jobs to take care of that took a lot of our time. Baptismal interviews and exchanges and such haha. But it was great. On sunday Kareena was baptized!!! She was so happy and the baptism was great! It really just went so well. She literally was glowing afterwards. So amazing. I wish that you guys could be there to see one. Imagine how amazing it would be to bring a family that you know into the ward. So awesome! Im pretty excited to do member missionary work when i get home. Im working on a few friends right now.

Anyways we fasted on saturday and sunday specifically to find a new family who needs the gospel... They all do but one who is ready for it. We worked our butts off and sunday night we knocked on doors for over two hours just getting doors slammed in our face. But then the last door... always the last one... a lady opened and was nice but said no thank you. But then we testified and she let us in! She is from guadalupe and has two adorable little girls. She really needs this gospel and christ in her life. We will see her tonight too.

Xavier is doing super well. He is so funny haha. He is getting ready to recieve the priesthood. This morning he called us and said that one of his friends is interested in talking with us. So we are going to teach thel tonight! After Kareena's baptism on sunday he asked us if we found her in the street too like him. We said yes and then he said, So you guys are like the heros arounds here. You brought us both to God. It was so awesome to hear that. I love xavier!

Other than that that everything is great! Im sure other stuff happened this week. But thats the main stuff. Now we just have to wait till sunday for kareena to get the holy ghost!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Cant believe that bishop was released! So sad... he will always be my bishop. Cant wait to talk to you guys though on sunday!!!!!It will be so awesome!!!!!!Love you tons and miss you a lot! Have a great week!
Elder Thomas

Picture of Kareena's Baptism

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