Monday, April 29, 2013

Xavier's Baptism...

Well The zone is doing super well this week. Glad you got to see some pics of us. I think that was from our zone conference and interviews. It's been really great to have a good comp too. We always have a ton of fun and still are doing great work.

Xavier's baptism was great!!! He was so happy. A member baptized him and when he came out of the water he was all smiles. Then on sunday i gave him the holy ghost! That was super cool. So grateful that i got to participate in that. After the confirmation he gave his testimony in sacrament and he was super happy. Afterwards we told him that he did great and he said it wasnt me, it was god telling me what to say. That was cool.

The rest of the week was full of teaching xavier and kareena. She is going to be baptized on sunday!!!! That will be so sweet! She is doing well. Marino is doing well too. He asked us for a copy of d&c so he can know what was revealed to joseph smith. He is super cool. I think we will set a date with him this week. He also came to church.

This week we will just prep for kareenas baptism and try to find new peopel to teach! Madeleine and rabbi are good. We saw them last week. And the valenzuelas were at church and are cute as ever! haha.

Oh and seeing oliverson was awesome! We just spent the night catching up and laughing about all the times that we had haha. I miss him.

Thank you for everything that you do for me! Love you and miss you tons. We will get to skype in two weeks and then it will be the last time until december in person! haha. So crazy! Love you tons. Have a great week!!!!!
Elder Thomas

Pics of Xavier's Baptism and eating African food...

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