Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Great Week!!!

Hey! Well this week was another great one. I'll try to run through all of the important events. On monday we played some basketball and soccer haha. Then that night we met up with kareena the 29 yr old and took her to a members home for a family home evening. We taught her about the restoration and joseph smith. But the best part was the testimonies of the members. They really brought the house down! The spirit was so strong and they just testified so powerfully. I was almost crying. After that we invited her to be baptized the fourth of may and she accepted! SO awesome!

Then on tuesday i went on an exchange with elder miller. We taught a kind of crazy lady. That was fun. She brought up some weird law of chastity stuff.

On wednesday we saw a lady that only speaks spanish. That was interesting haha. We gave her a book of mormon though. We saw kareena again that night with another awesome member. She is doing really well and got some answers to her prayers. She was praying to feel gods love and also to get a new job. She felt the spririt and got four job offers. Legit!

Thursday we taught xavior with a member about the law of chastity and tithing. While i was on exchange they taught him the word of wisdom. He told them that he smoked 20 to 30 cigarettes a day when he met us. But he is doing better with it. We also saw marino and he is doing really well. He has all kinds of deep doctrine questions. He is really searching and is really intelligent.

On friday we did service and dug out a huge tree stump. Made me think of washington. We taught kareena again about the word of wisdom and baptism because she smokes. She accepted it and is doing well. We Also met with the chinese guy that we found a couple times this week. He is super hilarious and really wants to know if there is a god. He is great. His name is robert.

On saturday we taught xavior about Thomas S. Monson and he loved it. He is super awesome and just willing to do gods will. He is super happy now too. I gave him a blessing to help him overcome his smoking problem and the spirit was very strong as i did so. That night we went tracting in a big appartment building and a guy let us in. It was a huge african guy from senegal. he is super cool and really believes in christ.

On sunday xavior and the black guy françois came to church. They loved it. After church we went to the Lalaus home to eat with them. Then she called you guys! So awesome! Glad you liked it. I could hear you and dad in the calls. It was so weird haha. I was super glad that you answered.

That was pretty much the week. A lot of funny moments with elder webber and i. A lot of crazy people, and people yelling at us in the street. Thats always a hoot haha. I am super excited for xaviors baptism this saturday!!!

Today i am just going to chill and sleep. Need to catch up a bit! So for the best moment of the week... hmmm. Prolly when i saw the email from the okelberrys and the pics of owen ludovic and natacha. I was freaking out haha. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so grateful for them. Love you guys so much! Hope you have a great week and know how much i love you and how much god loves you! Have a great week!
Elder Thomas

Here are pics of Owen and Natacha at their baptisms! And one of me and elder webber. Not sure whats going on in that one...haha.

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