Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The new Zone Leader for Paris South!!!


Well what a surprise for this transfer! Its going to be crazy! Our mission is really growing and changing. So friday night i got a call from president calling me to be a zone leader! Yeah! I was super excited haha. So then i was wondering where i would be going. Because there are specific cities that have zone leaders. And then he said i would like you to open a new zone in antony. It is called the paris south zone! So sweet! I was like ok sounds good prez haha. My new comps name is elder webber. He is in his 13th transfer and has been zl for a while. I have heard he is super funny and cool. So im super excited for that. Ive been wearing down with my comp now. He slept in till like 730 today. I got a good video of us waking him up! So basically in the mission there are districts and zones. There is a district leader for each district and then zone leader for each zone. Right now our zone is smaller but next transfer it will grow because we will get 40 new missionaries. Basically as zone leader we do trainings for all of the missionaries in my zone and run exchanges and other stuff like that. We carry out presidents plans and other random stuff haha. Im super excited and grateful for this responsibility. I think it will help me take the next step to being a better missionary. We get to work a lot closer with prez too so i am excited for that.

It was an alright week. We are still trying to ffind new people to teach. We saw the valenzuelas twice and played basketball with the dad and son today for pday. We also saw madeleine and rabbi. They are doing well. Also sunday night we had a lesson with a younger african guy who is pretty cool. Either his girlfriend or wife was there too... hopefully wife. But we' had a great lesson and they want to keep meeting with us. Also tonight we are going to a members house to do an FHE and eat with them. They are inviting a friend to who is interested in the church! Sweet! Last time that happened we found ludovic. Oh! Owen from bruxelles got baptized this weekend!!! so Awesome!

I am staying in the same apt and elder miller is too. He is training a new missionary. It should be a sweet apt. Elder willden is getting shipped to the middle of nowhere. And mataele is training in belgium. Legit! I got the pkg too. I laughed so hard when i saw the giant chocolate bunny! It is almost gone with four of us eating it haha. Thank you so much for that pkg. It is so awesome!!!!!!!!! Glad you like the pics of the valenzuelas! haha. I will get some new ones soon. I plan on taking videos of them haha. They are so funny! I hope you guys are all doing well and are happy. I miss you guys a ton! But in a month we can skype!!! woot! Love you tons! Talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

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  1. w0w your group is really increasing uh' and for that Congratulations and God Bless!