Monday, May 28, 2012


Good morning! How is Ariz doing? And summer?! Get some good use out of the pool for me! :)  I can’t believe Kaylee and Xander are getting baptized already haha. I can’t believe it is already Memorial day too. Haha. Weird. Today is a holiday in France too. I guess it is Pentecost. So basically everything is shut down haha. So grocery shopping will have to wait until tomorrow. And we are out of food haha. Nice. Glad to hear that you got the postcards that I sent! Hope you like them!  I’ll be on the lookout for the letters you sent! Love mail haha. Can’t wait to get the package either! This last week was a pretty good one. We finally have started having some success and people talk to us! Last pday we went bowling with the young adults. That was a ton of fun. I didn’t bowl so well though. Then, after that we had family home evening as usual with the young adults. I taught the mini lesson and based it on the scipture Jacob 4:10. Then we just played games and ate food. There is kinda a crazy member who came and he looks like Santa Claus. I don’t know why he was there but he made this nasty looking food and dished it up for all of us. Haha. He said it was an Italian veggie dish. Our ami Valerie asked him what all was in it a couple times and asked if it was just veggies. I wasn’t sure why. But he assured her it was just veggies. She took a small bite and then he was like oh, actually there is lamb in it. Apparently she is vegetarian haha. So she went and barfed in the bathroom. That was fun hahaha. Then on Tuesday we had our district meeting which took up most of the day. Then Wednesday we had a long day of contacting. After our studies and before lunch we went contacting for a bit. And had some Muslim people throw rocks at us. That was fun. I actually got hit in the back but we just kept walking. Not my favorite people... Then after lunch we contacted for an hour or so and then met up with Valerie. She told us that she wanted to go contacting with us because she wants to serve a mission!  So we contacted with her for like 2 hours. It was so much fun. She actually did pretty good. She was telling us how to contact better in the beginning and asking us why more people didn’t come to church with us or want to get baptized. And by the end she was like wow this is hard! haha. It was a good experience. While with her this guy on a bike stopped us and said that he had been taught by the missionaries a year ago and lost contact with them because he changed phones. Valerie invited him to her baptism and he was super excited haha. Truly a miracle to come across him. We also got a couple numbers that day. On Friday I was on an exchange with one of the zone leaders. And we gave out three Book of Mormons, got two numbers and gave out some pamphlets!  haha. It was a good day. Then we went porting that night and we taught this old lady a little. Her husband has Alzheimers and it was his bday and he didn’t even know it. We left her with a prayer and the spirit was so strong there. It was really cool. Then on Saturday we had to go up to Nancy to exchange back. The zone leaders invited us to stay there to play ball with them. Every Saturday in France they have basketball with the amis and members and missionaries. And Nancy has a full indoor gym. The only one in Europe. It was a lot of fun. And then that night Valerie invited us to dinner at her house with another young adult. We taught her a good lesson about baptism and the Holy Ghost. Then she made us veggie burgers haha. They were actually pretty good. And she made actual French fries. Yum. Sunday was pretty good. I love Sundays so much! I miss our ward sometimes. French wards are good but just different. I taught the lesson in the gospel principles class. I was nervous at first but it was fun. And I was able to teach it all in French!  Well, that pretty much sums up my week haha. Oh yeah. There are huge thunderstorms at night here too, So loud and cool. Haha. But kinda interrupted my sleep! I love you guys and miss you! You guys are the best! Au revoir.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elder Thomas' new address is:

6, rue Ernest Munch
67000 Strasbourg 

Taylor very much appreciates all the letters and packages you have sent. 
We, (the fam.) do too!
Well, we got our transfer repetoire today at noon. And I am leaving Lille...! I am actually pretty excited. I kind of thought that I would be leaving Lille. So I was ready. I am headed to the city of Strasbourg with Elder Bequette. Woot! Strasbourg I have actually heard a lot about. It is a big city just like Lille. And it is right on the border of Germany! Sweet! It will be a four man appartement again which will be cool. Should be fun and interesting!
Talk to you next time from Strasbourg!

Sitting on the steps of Grand Place in Brussels