Monday, April 8, 2013

For Cali & P "My Missionary Rap"

We bring a message of peace and joy,
It all starts with the story of a young boy.
He heard preachers yelling and lying,
But none of their doctrine was satisfying.
One day he read in the Book of James,
And so to a grove of trees he came.
While praying in quiet humility,
The Father and Son appeared in simplicity.
They called him as Prophet of this dispensation,
And that's how we have these revelations.
Of a plan of Happiness and Salvation,
We must preach it to every Nation.
We can all live with God again,
His work is for Eternal life of man.
The key to this perfect plan,
Is found in the sacrifice of one man.
Jesus Christ the beloved Son,
He paid the price for everyone.
We must have faith, repent, be baptized,
Receive the Holy Ghost and endure all our lives.
He also gave us commandments to follow,
So we can avoid worldly sorrow.
And when you receive a witness that it's true,
The spirit will tell you what to do.

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