Monday, September 23, 2013

Share The Gospel With Your Friends!!!

 This week was super busy. But it was good. On tuesday We said goodbye to a few members for elder canadian and then wednesday we got up at 5 to take a train to paris! Woot! haha. I met up with my new comp elder smith (who is cool by the way. He replaced me in Bruxelles. so we talk about it all the time) Then we ended up helping the bleus or new missionaries out. We took them all down to notre dame haha. It brought back memories to my first day. Weird haha. Then we took the long train back to Rennes  and saw Fely! We fixed a baptismal date with him for the 13th of october!!! He is still searching for his answer and confirmation from the spirit but he wants to be baptized and will work towards that goal. He is doing super well. We saw him a few times this week. He has such a faith in christ and just wants to do what is right.

 On thursday we had some cool miracles. We went to lunch with a member family and they invited some of their non member friends! It was really cool. We just got to know them and shared a spiritual thought about christ. They loved it. Then we ate with them all. Hopefully they will be interested in learning more! Then that night we went to another members home and he invited his best friend to eat with us too! We also shared a thought about christ and she had tons of questions about the church! I also ate giblets for the first time that night haha. They are pretty She is really interested and wants to see us again. It was great to see members sharing the gospel with their friends.

 Then friday we went back to paris at 5 in the morning for mission council! It was super good. We recieved great trainings from prez and sister poznanski and the assistants. We got the vision for the transfer and talked about what our next new goal will be as a mission. Should be good!

 Tomorrow we will give a training to the zone about spiritual finding. It should be good. I love giving zone trainings. Who would have thought that i would actually enjoy speaking in public?! This weekend we did a lot of planning for the transfer and zone. There was a baptism for a kid in the ward,  a guy that we found named rishard came to it and then to church on sunday. We will teach him this week. The cassais family is good. Still cant get them to church... And reis went to Algeria for about a month. 

Well thats about it for this week... they are just ticking away. Talk to you next week!   
Elder Thomas 


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