Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A good week...

Hey!!! Time really is starting to fly. Weird. Things are going super well here in rennes. Fely is doing really well. We were able to see him a few times this week and he is awesome! One of our lessons he asked us questions about jacob five and about melchesideck and other complicated stuff like that :) It was good though. He is seriously just seeking the lords will in all things. He just wants to do what is right. He came to church on sunday and loved it of course. We saw him last night and retaught him the restoration. He had questions about the priesthood and other stuff. We were able to teach well and really just testify to him of christ. He knows that he needs a confirmation from god that this is the true church. He is also excited to go to general conference this week. I believe that he will get his answer there.

 Rishard is doing good. He got sick but we were able to see him once. And then he came to church yesterday. Hes doing well. The cassais family isnt doing so well. The son lindsky is still awesome. but his mom is struggling. 

On monday we had a really cool experience right after emails. We went to the store to do our shopping and were looking at the veggies... yes we actually eat them... and a girl around our age came up and asked us if we speak english. We said yes and it turns out that she is from colorado and had met the missionaries because of her member friend. She met with them a bit but then moved here to study. She wanted to find the church but couldnt. Then she ran into us in the store! So we ended up seeing her on saturday and we had an amazing lesson with her. She talked about how she just recently let christ into her heart and is realizing that god is there. We taught about the bofm and she is so great. She really wants to learn and come to know god and christ. So we are really excited about that. But... we will have to pass her to the sisters because shes a 23 yr old girl.  Bummer. But oh well haha. We also contacted a woman from georgia.. the country. And she came to church on sunday and is really cool. 

Also twice this week we had lessons scheduled that fell through. So both times we just went tracting in the area and ended up finding a family both times! One was a mom and son, from russia and another was an african family with like 6 kids. Sweet! We are really excited about the russian family. The son who is 17 is really cool. They were super nice to us. 

Also this week we did service for a member and had to move three huge piles of fire wood haha. Our arms are covered in bruises haha. Good stuff. this week we have a crazy schedule. Tomorrow and wednesday we are doing exchanges with elders in st brieuc in our district. Then thursday is zone conference in a city caller Angers. Its like a 3 hour train ride. Fun. Then friday we are going to Lille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! elder smith has to do his legality there. Im so excited to see my first city again! That will give us 8 more hours of train travel! Then saturday and sunday we have general conference. This week will fly by. 

Well, thats pretty much my week :) talk to you soon. 
Elder Thomas 


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