Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 Well it was a busy week this week but it was super good. On monday night we had three lessons scheduled which normally doesnt happen on pday nights. So we were pretty excited for that. But all of them fell through. Ouch! The russian family told us they dotn want to see us again so that was a bummer. 

Then on tuesday we went to  st brieuc for exchanges. We ended up taking a bus all the way there instead of a train.  So that was fun. On the exchanges we had a crazy experience.  We were tracting that night around where the cassais family lives. We were walking up to a big group of apt buildings and we can hear a guy yelling halleluia! at us. So we thought that someone was just messing with us because that happens often haha. But finally we went over to him and he was this short african guy. He asked us if we were here preaching about christ. And so we explained who we were and he yelled halleluia! again. He was so excited to see us. Turns out he is super religious and is evangelist. He is 19 and has a 1 yr old kid and a soon to be wife. He invited us in to pray with him. Ive never met someone so excited to talk about christ. We went up to his apt and talked for a bit and then he said ok its time to pray! So i was thinkging we would pray with him there. But we proceeded to get into his car and then drive across town to a mans house. His name was michael and he is like 7 feet tall. Super nice guy. Turns out they do family home evening type deals too. We sang with them gospel hymns for like 30 minutes. The type of hymns where you clap and sing crazy and sway side to side and randomly pray in the middle haha. It was great. Then he taught us a lesson about love of god from the Scriptures. They are also a little interested in learning about us and what we believe. It was really cool. 

Then wednesday we had good lessons with Rishard and Pathy. We taught Fely the law of chastity. He is still seeking for an answer if this is the true church. But he came to two sessions of conference and loved it. We will see him tonight to see if he is still good to go for this sunday or if we will need to push it back. 

On thrursday we went to Angers at 430 in the morning for zone conference. It was super good though. We fixed a new goal in the mission for every companionship to baptize at least one family before christmas. Im super excited for that. On Friday we my comp and I went all the way to Lille for his legality. It was different than I remember. I was there such a long time ago. 

 Hopefully things will pick up more this week. I love you tons! and miss you a lot. But there's just a short time left. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon! 
Elder Thomas 

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