Monday, October 14, 2013

Good thing Frenchies can't throw!!!

Well it's been a pretty good week. It definitely is getting cold here. Im freezing and  its not even winter yet! Fely is doing well. Still searching for his answer though. We are going to see him tonight. We have planned to teach him in a few members homes this week so that should help a lot. Rishard is doing okay. He just lost his home and pretty much everything. So he is working through that. But he came to an activity at the church and loved it. They learned how to do breton dances. Its kinda like a circle folk dance. I Think like the dances they do on tangled haha. It was pretty funny to watch. Rishard really got into it! I dont know if you remember the marie family. Its a french family that we found back in june. We were able to see them again and they are really cool. We taught them the first half of the plan of salvation and it went so well! THey loved it and are opening up more and more to the gospel. We also were able to see reis again and had a great lesson. We taught him the plan of salvation and he had tons of great questions that were all answered by the lesson. He really liked it and it seemed to just click with him. We also talked a lot about prayer and how we pray. He was so intrigued and excited to find out that we can pray from the heart to god and that he hears and answers our prayers. It was really cool. Sunday we had lunch with a really cool member family. Super nice. THen that night we went tracting in a 21 story apt building that we found haha. A lady let us in that is working on a worldwide monetary system. She was kindof interested but moreso in the fact that we are american. THen while leaving someone threw eggs at us from the top of the building haha. Cool. Good thing frenchies cant throw! Today we went to a city called st malo to visit a member. THats why im emailing so late. It is such a cool city! It is an old fort that used to have pirates too. Ill send pics.
Well,  THats pretty much it for this week.  I just have two months left out here and its going fast. Im just trying to give it my all and help as many of my brothers and sisters as i can. I love serving the lord and his children. Its the most accomplishing work ever. I wouldnt trade it for anything. Love you so much! Thank you for all that you do. Have a great week! Loves! Avec amour, Elder Thomas

Anyone recognize the elder in the pic with me??? 

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  1. I know the missionary you are pictured with, its my son Elder David Cardon. He wrote home saying that we should know you or that you are related, I have been doing my research since then.