Thursday, August 1, 2013

Opportunities to testify and teach...

This was a pretty good week. we were certainly very blessed! It has cooled down a ton recently so im grateful for that! This last Tuesday we had the baptism of Annick Gautier. It was amazing! Seriously the best baptism that i have been too. She is a very nervous and shy person, so the only people that she allowed at the baptism were me and my comp, the sisters and the ward mission leader. It was a really spiritual meeting. We did the confirmation right after too. very cool. Wednesday we had a lesson with some jehovas witnesses. they just tried to bible bash. But i wouldnt take that haha. lets just say i took them down haha. we wont be seeing them again... We also met with a man named Fely who came to church last week. He is from south africa. he is here with his brother(who won the nobel peace prize in 1981) for health reasons while his family is in paris. This week we saw him twice and taught him about the restoration and the book of mormon. he really enjoys the lessons and is super sincere in his search. Thursday we went to paris for a leadership training from Pres. and Sister P. It was so good! really uplifting and answered a ton of my questions. thats where the facebook pics are from haha. glad you liked the song! That night we went back to Rennes because the elders in Brest needed a place to stay for the night. The next day we went back to Paris and then Versailles for exchanges with the assistants. They were pretty good. We came back to Rennes on saturday afternoon and saw a man named Mr. Henry and his wife Bijoux. they are really searching for the truth. we have taught them the restoration and they want to keep seeing us. That night we saw the other man named igor who came to church last week. He came again this week and we taught him a few times. He is super cool and sincere too!
Sunday night we passed by a 20 yr old guy who we had run into a few times. He was finally home and we were able to teach him about God.

One thing that really impressed me this week was how sincere all of the people are that we are teaching. They all have a real desire to follow jesus christ and find the truth.

Things realy picked up this week and we were so blessed to have so many opportunities to testify and teach.

Thank you all for the support and prayers! Talk soon.
Elder Thomas

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