Monday, July 22, 2013

Really cool miracle...

The work is still going super slowly here. We werent able to see marko last week at all and he didnt come to church so we have to move his baptism at least a week later. We will see with him... And bertrand kinda fell off the face of the planet. Gotta love it when that happens. So that was kinda hard. But we worked really hard this week and overcame some big trials. I certainly spent a lot of time on my knees :) Yesterday at church two men that we had contacted, randomly came to church. So that was a big surprise yesterday. One of them named igor... hehe... asked what you have to do to be baptized in our church. So he seems interested. Other than that we were just doing a lot of contacting and porting. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

But there was a really cool miracle last night that is still in progress. We got a call from the bishop last night saying that there was a woman who has been coming to church for a while that wants to be baptized. Ive met her and talked to her and i thought that she was a member. But i guess not! She was contacted by sister poznanski when she was on her mission thirty years ago. And she finally decided to be baptized! So we called sister p and told her the good news. The lady wants our ward mission leader to baptize her but he leaves town on wednesday. So we are going to have the baptism tuesday night! Sister P was so excited to get that news! So it is super cool that i get to be here while this is happening. Pretty sweet.

I'm super grateful for my mission and evertything that i have learned. I still have time to learn and grow. Im going to make the most of my time left to just serve the lord and my brothers and sisters here in france. and Belgium maybe haha. Love you guys tons! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Have a great week and ill talk to you soon. LOVES

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