Monday, July 15, 2013

The French Business man...

Well first of all, this week was oodles better than last week! In my first week here in Rennes, we were walking home and there were two french businessmen in front of us and they turned around and were just staring at us. So we said hi and one of them recognized us as mormons and was pretty excited to meet us. He told us to promise to call him. Well, this last week we were able to meet with him at the church. It was an amazing lesson. He is catholic and practicing but he told us that he doesnt agree with some of the beliefs. He is searching for the true church of christ. He has already searched in protestant and evangelical churches too. We taught him the restoration lesson and he loved it. He read a little in a brochure about joseph smith and got super excited. he was like oh thats just like me! He was searchign for the truth! We invited him to pray to know if this was the true church and i believe he received his answer because he called us super excited a few days later and said he needed to meet with us to discuss his praying experience. We will see him tomorrow. It has been a killer waiting to see him! Its just awesome because he is a classic french business man. And that never happens! Also we met with a guy named marko who had been taught a while ago. We set a baptismal date with him for the third of august! He is pretty cool and is really preparing to be baptized. He is from yugoslavia. We also found a couple other potential people and a few people let us in while we were tracting.

Heavenly father really heard our prayers this week and blessed us with the abuility to find these people. It was amazing. Im just so excited for the business man. His name is bertrand.

That was pretty much the our week! Thank you so much for your prayers and for thinking of us here. It helped! Now we just have to keep it up and keep working hard! Love you tons. Less than five short months now... Im going to make them count. Loves!
A Bientôt!

Xavier and I, door to our Apt. & me with Elder Wood at St. Meri's in Paris.

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