Monday, July 8, 2013

Well... this week was a tough one. Really tough. But we are doing alright and are ready for another week. It seems like every time we have a really bad or hard week the next one is better. So we are hoping that the trend will continue. Tuesday we gave a training to the zone and it went pretty well. Then we went to a city called Brest to do exchanges. It is a cool city that is the furthest west that you can go in France. We had to take a three hour tgv to get there. It was pouring rain so we didnt get to really see the beach. But it was a good exchange.

The rest of the week was spent contacting and porting. We had a couple of lessons fixed but they fell through. We went the whole week without finding any investigators or teaching any lessons. That is the first time that has happened in my mission. We only got one phone number too. People were just shutting us down and rejecting us all week. We were laughed at, mocked, yelled at, sworn at and spit on. But we just kept going trying to keep our heads up. We must have something important to do here in rennes with so much opposition. Im proud to have a testimony of this gospel and that i had the opportunity to turn the other cheek and just testify of gods love to these people, even when they were tearing us apart.

I cant lie and say it was a great week. It was pretty terrible to be honest haha. But im not discouraged. It is difficult. And we are a little down. But we wont give up that easily. If anything it has given me an even greater desire to go out and testify to these people. I know that good things are in store. I refuse to believe that the trials will continue much longer. We will just continue to go out and work hard trying to follow the spirit. I just pray that we will be guided to find these families that need the gospel.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and your encouragement. It really carries me in the tough times. Have a great week! Loves!
Elder Thomas

This is a gift that a sweet old lady gave to me...(yes, it's a crocodile foot)

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