Monday, August 5, 2013

Transfer 14 and counting...

I cant believe that it is already the start of a new transfer. Transfer 14.... Im such an old missionary haha. Its weird. I was in bruxelles a year ago. And got my call almost two ago haha. Its getting exciting that home is so close. But scary at the same time. I have so little time left to work. I will be staying here in rennes with elder b for another transfer. Woot! It should be good. Hopefully we can get some baptisms out here! Things are still going pretty well. We were able to see fely a couple times and he is doing well. A little skeptical but he is praying a lot for his answer. We were able to teach a family that we met a couple weeks ago. They really like the family proclamation and said we can come back. But they are going on vacation till september...All french people leave for the whole month of august. So it should be interesting. This week we made some sausage and elder b said it was done and that i was going to burn it... i thought otherwise. But i just agreed to avoid conflict haha. And what do you know? I got a minor case of food poisoning haha. At least we think thats what it was. It could have also been the massive amount of french cheese we decided to eat that day? But im over it now. But i should be back ready to go tomorrow. We met a super cool old lady named claude lorche.  She is a super quirky old lady. I like her a lot. We taught her twice and will see her tonight. She is really curious about our beliefs. She was raised catholic which has kinda destroyed her faith in God... long story. So we are helping her to realize that she is a daughter of God. But we have to pass her to the sisters... we have to pass any women that we find to them. Oh well.

I always write a miracle that happened during the day at the end of each journal entry. There's always a small one. Thanks for all your support and prayers! Hope you have a good week. Give everyone a big bisous for me! haha. Loves!

Poutine...A Canadian specialty my comp made. And our cheese & bread buffet...

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