Monday, January 21, 2013

Antony is Legit!


Hey mommy! Well Antony is legit! I know i keep saying that my new cities are sweet but i mean it every time! haha. So our area is huge first of all. Prolly like a two hour RER ride across the area. The RER is the metro here for future reference hehe. I am loving it so far. We have over two million people in our area too. So there definitely isnt a shortage of people to preach to!

Yeah it is pretty flippin cold here. BUt its all good in the hood. Saturday night it snowed a ton. SO church was cancelled. But we were able to go to a ward in downtown paris for sacrament. The building is like an 8 minute walk from Notre Dame! Cool!

The appartment is super awesome too. It is very nice and i love all the elders there. My comps name is elder dickson. He is in his fifth transfer and is pretty cool. We get along great so far! The other two elders are super awesome. Lets just say there isnt a shortage of laughter in there haha. I am the only one new here in antony. The others have been here already.

I love being in paris. It is a super crazy different atmosphere and lifestyle. Really fast paced and just hard to describe haha. But i like it. Glad you like the photos on facebook haha. Save all of those!

This last week i got to go to mission council where president rolled out his new plan for us this year. It is going to be sweet!!!!!!!! He has set the goal for each pair to get a baptism by mid march. So i am ready to go get that! President is so awesome.

My new comp is really cool. We are getting along great so far. He is from federal way washington haha. SO we have that in common a bit. We are doing well together so far. They didnt have any work going on before i came. So i really have some work to do. But i am excited for it, This is a great area.

Well today we are going to go shop a bit on sales. And then prolly go to notre dame! Should be cool! Love you so much! And miss you a ton. Talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

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