Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yo... This week really was a long one! haha Im not sure why but it feels like forever since i last emailed. This last week was pretty good. New years was a day of rest so we slept in a little and then played basketball at the church with the other elders for like four hours haha. That was fun. Then we hung out with them at night and played uno haha. It was a good day.

 On wednessday we saw Owen. Hes doing alright. Just not ready to kick his girlfriend to the curb like i would like him to haha. We tried to set a baptismal date with hum in february. But he told us that he wants to be baptized may fourth haha. I guess that is progress.

Thursday we had district meeting. It was really cool. Because the zone leaders told me that president wanted this one to be special and that i needed to pray and figure out what to do the training on. Well i got an answer for sure! It was really cool. President named this year the year of obedience. Sweet. So i talked about that and used the scriptures in Mosiah 7 verses 29 and 33. They really hit me. President actually ended up showing up for the district meeting here in bruxelles. Surprise! haha. I was a little nervous. But the training went great and he said that thats exactly what he was looking for. It was cool.

That day we also had a rdv with a guy from ghana named oppang. He is really cool. We gave him a book of mormon and he said he wanted to read it and pray so that he could find thre truth. He isnt happy with the church that he goes to right now. Honestly his story is similar to joseph smiths. Then we Went to a rdv with a guy named dieudonne which means god given haha. We contacted him like a week ago and he said we coould come over. When we walked in there was a big screen tv playing the lion king and 4 little kids watching it! His wife was at work that day. We finally found our family! They are really cool. SO we are excited to teach them. He is a soccer player here in belgium and he might go play for angola or congo.

I dont know if you remember a less active guy named michael. We have been meeting with him since i first got here. He was in a psychiatric hospital for depression. We lost contact with him for a while in september and october. But we finally got him to church on sunday! He was so happy. Also we have been working with a less active guy named gregory. And he is fully active now! The bishop is working with him to get a calling and the melchesidek priesthood. So sweet! Anyways that was pretty much my week haha. Oh and we are going to see jean luc and his friend tonight.

Well, Im going to go check out the sales today. Hopefully we can find some cool stuff! haha. Love you and miss you so much. Talk to you next week! Have a good one!
Elder Thomas

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