Monday, January 28, 2013


Herro! Wow week number 59. haha. Thats crazy! It is really weird being on the downhill. Antony is doing well this week. Just trying to find people to teach! We actually had some really cool miracles this week. On tuesday we went to the church for a lesson. But the guy didnt show up... that happened 8 times to us this week. SO we prayed to know what We needed to do and didnt really feel much. So we just decided to walk back to the tram and contact on the way. I have made it a goal to just talk with everyone. SO thats what i did. We got shut down until like the sixth person. It was an old african lady haha. But she was sweet! She told us that she is looking for another church and really appreciates young men like us out preaching the gospel. So we set a lesson up with her for a few days later. When we saw her we taught her about the book of mormon and she loved it. She also talks a ton and has about 20 children i think. Crazy. SHe has had a tough life trhough. She would get married and have kids and then the dad would leave her and the kids. That happened like three times. Anyways. After we taught her and read from 3 nephi 27 i felt impressed to invite her to be baptized. And she accepted! And then we fixed the date for the 16th of february! Sweet! So hopefully everything works out well with her.

I went on exchanges and had a great lesson with a small asian man that they have been teaching here. He also accepted to be baptized. His story is really cool. But then the other day while we were on our way to his house for another lesson he called and said that he doesnt want to see us anymore and wants to be catholic. Heart breaker. Not sure what happened there.

Yesterday we found another cool african lady though. She took the book of mormon and said that she will come to church and we actually prayed with her on the road. It was really cool.

This last week we also had interviews with pres and soeur poznanski. They were great! I love president and soeur poznanski. The interviews were so great. I told sister poz about the miracle we had with the lady and she was crying. Shes awesome.

Well, thats it for now. Love you so much!!!! I am doing really well and it looks liek you guys are too! Thats all i can ask for haha. Love you tons!

Elder Thomas

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