Monday, March 4, 2013

Such an honor...


Yo g mama dawg fo shizzle g unit in da club yo? Whats cracka lackin in the big AZ?! Haha, hey mommy. This week was great!!!! because we had the baptisms of madaleine and rabbi!!!!!! It was so awesome! They were so happy. And so was I. Those moments make the mission the best ever. All of the trials and hard work is worth it when miracles happen. I cant even describe the emotions that were felt at the baptism. It was just great. The best was that rabbi asked me to baptize him!!!! It was such an honor to be able to be an instrument in the lords hand to help him make this covenant. It was just amazing. I dont have a ton of pictures. I entrusted my camera with someone else but they didnt get any haha. But my comp got a couple. saturday was great. On sunday they were confirmed members and the spirit was so strong in the circle as we laid our hands upon them. They were so happy. And the ward did a great job of welcoming them. We saw them almost every day this week to help them be ready. And we did a ton to plan the baptism. It was a stressful week. But so worth it!

The Valenzuela's didnt come to church. But we had a good rdv with them and told them what they need to do to get baptized. They are set for the 23rd.

We werent able to see any other people this week though. So we are doing a lot of finding to get new investigators. The hard part is that my comp doesnt talk to anyone... i had a little talk with him last night. I just told him straight up that he needs to contact people. Because thats what we do. >i told him it will be a miserable mission if he doesnt. But its true. Im trying to get him geared up. haha. We will see. I wish i could fully describe how he is. I just dont have the time haha. Ill write a letter. But its okay though.

Legality is all figured out for the moment. Sounds like you guys had another good week. I cant believe that P is a deacon and has the priesthood! He looks so grown up. Loving the suit and tie and hair haha. Stud!
Things are going well right now. Honestly i am loving being a leader in the mission. It helps me to do my best and realize me potential. Im just trying to get my companion up to speed haha. Its a little trying at times. Kind of like raising a kid i suppose. BUt things are good. I am best friends with the new elder in out apt too. We have a blast haha.

Love you tons mom. More than you know. Talk to you soon!
Elder Thomas

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