Monday, February 25, 2013

An Awesome Week...


Hey!!! Well i am so ready for the baptisms! They may need to be put on hold a week. Not sure yet. We have to teach the mom and son madelyn and rabi every night this week so they can be ready. We still have to teach the big three... chastity word of wisdom and tithing. I dont think there will be any issues. But idk. SO we may push it to next week just to male sure they are ready. I am going back and forth on what to do. Its fairly stressful haha. We have factors pushing us both ways. Well it comes down to my decision. SO kinda stressed. BUt i think right now that they will still be baptized this week. They are so good and so ready. They have been prepared.

Elder Willden is from north carlolina. Hes good. I'll send some pics. But things are good. The other new elder is cool too. He is two transfers above me.

We havent seen the family valenzuela yet this week. So hopefuly they are doing well. It snowed a little so they didnt come to church...The family from ethiopia is doing well too. We finally met with them saturday and they are really cool. They want to come to our church next week. They are super busy duyring the week though. I have taught a lot of african people here. There are lots here.

Oh! I found out that a guy that i found in bruxelles just got baptized! So cool! I was super happy to find that out. Its always great to get news like that. Also i heard that natacha the girl i was teaching in brusseles is close to baptism. So cool.

It sounds like you guys had a great week. I am so excited for Parker to get the priesthood. He is so great. Im so glad that you are all doing so well. It helps me a ton. Thats sweet too that you got to talk to elder barker on facebook! He wrote me last week and soudned good. I miss him a lot haha. Elder mayne finished his mission on thursday too. Crazy.

Love you so much!!! Sorry the email is brief this week. Im running out of time haha. Love you tons!

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