Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines missionary style...


Hey! Well i am staying in Antony for another transfer! Super excited for that. Because we have so many awesome people to teach. Elder dickson will be leaving so i will get a new companion. And elder karratti is dying... finishing his mission. SO the apt will be different. But it should be good. My new comp is named elder willden. He is in the same group as elder oliverson. So he is in his fourth transfer. SHould be good. Hes a youngin haha. I miss oliverson by the way. Oh and i am starting my tenth transfer today... so crazy. In double digits! Im so old haha. Pretty excited for this transfer though. We should be having four baptisms! Super sweet. The valenzuela kids are super awesome! They love us. They always hug us and tell us they love it when we are there and that it is so fun, haha. This last time we watched the restoration movie and they loved it. One of the girls prayed in the beginning and she asked that heavenly would help her sisters to not be so crazy when we come over and to help them to know they need to repent because if they dont then they cant go to heaven hahahahahaha. I was dying. Also, the little girl sprayed us with her perfume haha. So funny.

The mom madelyn and son rabi are doing well too. We saw them twice this week and they are awesome still. They are ready! The mom told us she knows that the book of mormon is true too. Legit!

Thank you so much for your prayers and tell the ward thank you too. Wednesday was a really cool day! We didint see many huge miracles but we could definitely feel the presence of angels around us as we worked. Its amazing what the power of many prayers can do. SO thank you so much! It was a day and feeling that i will never forget. We did find a mom and son from ethiopia that were super excited to see us. We will meet with them on saturday.

This week was good. On friday i spent six hours at the prefecture doing my legality only to find out that i need to go to a different one and start over. Woot! It was a wonderful test of my patience haha. I hit my one year mark in the field on valentines. I spent it with an australian! haha. We were on exchanges. Thank you for the sweet package!!! It was so awesome haha. The cookies were so good! haha. The package was so great!

Glad you all had a great week. Love you so so much! Talk to you soon.
Elder Thomas

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