Monday, February 11, 2013



MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey mom!!! Thank you so much for the email and the great quotes! They are exactly what i needed. Thank you so much! You really are the best mom in da werld yo. Haha Love you! Well this week was absolutely fantastic! Possibly the best week that i have hjad so far. Thank you so much for your prayers. I know there are many people praying for me and they were manifest this week. We met with the valenzuela family... the ones from AZ. Not sure how they ended up here haaha. But it went great! We fixed baptismal dates with two of the three kids! And the other one was a maybe haha. We set it for the ninth of march. But we will have to change it to either the second or the sixteenth becaus of a ward temple trip. But they were so excited! They are such cute kids. They love us haha.

After that we had a cool experience on tuesday. We set the goal to get four numbers in two hours of contacting. We went out for an hour and got nothing. SO we stopped and prayed and immediately got two in a row. Then we prayed and then got another right after. SO we said a thank you prayer and askezd for help to get the last number with the fifteen minutes that remained at the end. We have to be inside by nine at night. At 859 we got a number from a guy right by our appartment. It was so sweet!

Then this friday we got a call from the zone leaders saying that they had found a mom and nine year old son to teach from congo. But they actually live in our area. So they passed them to us and we taught them on saturday. The mom is madelyn and the son is rabi. He is so awesome! But we taught them aboiut the restoration and invited them to be baptized on the second of march and they said yes!!! So legit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So needless to say i am pretty pumped this week! It was so sweet. The ward is awesome too. They love missionary work. There are prolly 100 or so active members. Its a pretty big ward so maybe more. We are in the paris zone by the way.

Talk to you soon. Thank you for everything! LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Thomas

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