Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Embracing The Weirdness...

Hey mom! SO i cant believe that a year ago from today i was emailing you from Lille haha. Its crazy to think about! Anyways this week ended amazingly. I dont know if that is a word but it describes the week haha. It was actually a tougher week in terms of work. We didnt have a whole lot going and couldnt get anyone to listen to us past the point of we are missionaries of jesus chri... So yeah haha. But on sunday all of the work paid off. We were so blessed!
We had an old investigator that we dropped a month ago show up to church randomly. When we dropped him he said he just wanted to be catholic. But on sunday he told me he went there and didnt feel right. So he went to his previous church and didnt feel right there either. But kept feeling like he needed to go to our church. He said he feels great here. He told us and the bishop that he wants to be baptized asap! So cool! We are going to a members house tonight to teach him. Also a random guy showed up and said that his church was way too far and he was searching for a new church and found ours. So he came and wants to learn about it! So legit!!! We will see him on saturday. Also three different members are inviting us over soon to teach their friends! Awesome!

Also i just found out that natacha from bruxelles was baptized this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell out of my chair in joy when i saw it. So awesome!!!! I wish i could talk to her and see how she is doing. Or at least talk to the missionaries there to find out. Ill see her in heaven i guess haha. Or if we go to bruxelles this december!

Madeleine and rabbi are great. We taught them about general conference and then about missionary work andchallenged them to give out a bom together. Sweet! They were excited to do it. Madeleine couldnt go to church this week so rabbi walked by himself to church! What a stud nine year old! The valenzuelas are so awesome too. Getting ready for their baptisms! It is allen who is 11 andrea is ten and allison is 8. Also the six year old michelle is super cute. I am always cracking up in our lessons and trying to fight off random kisses and hugs haha. Their prayers are awesome too. So funny. I love those kids. We havent seen the ethiopian family. Not sure what happened.

My comp is doing okay.., I am deciding that i just need to embrace the weirdness haha. It is just better that way. It is helping me to gain some incredible patience. I need to work on that apparently. point made heavenly father haha. But its alright. This last week elder miller woke up in the night and said that my comp was singing a song from tangled to the moon out the window hahahahaha. He sings disney very quietly all the time haha. I would be fine with that but we cant listen to disney haha. And i am working on 100 percent obedience haha. Its tough. But i am seeing the blessings! Hes funny though. I started making a daily food diary for him to show him that all he eats is bread and nutella. My district is on fire right now too! So awesome! everyone in the district has an ami with a baptismal date! We are all seeing cool miracles. In our zone we have 9 of the ten dates set!!! Go antony district!
Love you so much mommy!!! Talk to you soon! A bientôt!
Elder Thomas

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