Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost a sleepover!!!...

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hey family! haha, And romeo and tuxi! Antony is doing well this week. A little slower than i would like but doing well. A little sick too. But that cant stop me! haha. Neither did the snow. It was a fun time contacting and trying to find our way through paris with limited transportation. Actually tuesday night we were at the valenzuelas house for a lesson and then they invited us to stay for dinner. We finished and headed out at like 8 ish. When we got outside we realized that it was now dark and it had snowed like six inches since we got there. All of the busses were shut down too. They live kinda in the boonies too. And they dont have a car. haha. Finally we found a member to come save us. The valenzuelas were like, you can just stay at our house! The kids wanted to have a sleep over very badly. But we made it home around 10 30. We did a couple unintended donuts on the way home too-haha. It was intense. That was prolly the highlight of the week. We taught the valenzuelas a couple times this week. They should be good to go. Just need the interviews. They are excited. Other than that it was a quiet week.

We did contact a guy earlier in the week and then he actually came to church on sunday. He told me that he was adopted as a kid and that his parents never went to church. But he wants to be spiritual and asked me if i could help teach him. It was a cool moment. So hopefully that turns out well.

On friday we had our zone conference with elder richards. It was amazing! I learned so much! The spirit was so strong all day long. We learned some very valuable things that day. Its always great to be in the presence of a general authority.

Sorry its a boring email this week. Im not feeling the greatest and it was just a slow week haha. Last pday we went to the louvre. It was sweet to see all of these famous works of art that ive heard about all my life. Love you tons and miss you so much!
Elder Thomas

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