Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The only catch is, he might be slightly crazy...

Rennes is doing just splendid this week haha. It is sunny right now which is a nice change. Getting pretty cold though. I used to love the cold! But arizona has changed me it seems.
Marko is doing super well. He was sick this sunday so he couldnt come but we are going to lunch at a members house with him on wednesday. We read the talk by prez monson where he talks about seeing others as they can become. He loved it. Haha i figured you had pictured him looking different. We found and taught a new family this week with three kids. They are hilarious. The one and a half year old loves us. 
The family that lives far away... the mom is named florian the 20 yr old daughter is liz and the 18yr old son is named Farelle. Florian the mom is kind of a bum haha. farelle listens sometimes. But Liz is super cool. We had two great lessons with her this week. She is really looking for acceptance from god and believes that she has made too many mistakes in her life and that gopd shouldnt forgive her. We were able to really testify of the atonement and its power. The spirit was so strong. I felt that i was able to relate to her personally. She told us that she is the biggest sinner... which i highly doubt. So i pulled out alma 36 and read about almas conversion with her. She was like wow he was a big sinner haha. But it really touched her and she said she understood and now knows that god loves her and wants to forgive her. She kissed the book of mormon she was so happy. It was great :) 
We found a man named edward who when we talked to him in the street told us that he was completely atheist and that he only believes in science. We taught him the next day and i asked if he had ever believed in god. He said he does now and i asked since when?! and he said since yesterday when i talked to you guys. So that was pretty cool. But the only catch is that he might be slightly crazy... we will see. Lets hope not. I was able to give one of the sisters a blessing this week because she was pretty sick. SO that was cool. She is all better now :) 

Thats about all for this week. 

On Thursday, We are getting together as a zone here in rennes to play games and stuff. Should be fun. I hope you guys are doing well and getting excited for the trip back!!! Its going to be so fun!!! Love you guys so much. I cant believe that i only have two weeks left... so crazy. Love you tons. Hope you have a great week. Talk to you soon and see you soon too!  
Elder Thomas 

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