Monday, November 18, 2013

Marko's Baptism...

So first of all....... Marko was baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing. It was so great to finally see him be able to make this big step in his life. The baptism was great. There was a special spirit there in the chapel and all of the members said that they could feel it. He also asked me to baptize him which was so cool. I was very honored that he asked me to do it. I tried to get him to pick a member but he wouldnt haha. He told me that in yugoslavia the person who baptizes you is basically family and you have to respect them for the rest of your life. But the baptism was great. He just kept thanking us for helping him to become clean. He has seen so much bad in his life. He really is a changed man. Its amazing to see how powerful the atonement of christ is. That it could completely change him and turn his life around. It was just a wonderful day.

 The exchanges in lorient went pretty well. It is a city on the coast more west than rennes. It is like an hour and a half train ride away. We werent able to see the far away family but will on wednesday. Also we saw the other family with the two girls with the muslim dad. We had a good lesson about the plan of salvation but then he told us that it wasnt logical and that he needed to be able to know that it was true by logic. He said that it didnt make sense that we can pray to get an answer that it is true. He also refused to just try and pray and ask. Because it would be against his religion. They have to say every day that muhammed is the last prophet and they dont recognize christ as the son of god so i guess if he prayed then he said he would be denying his faith and that would be a bad sin for him. SO i told him that he is basically trapped and cant learn or grow and he really reflected when i said that. But in the end he said he will never pray to ask. It was really sad because i know that if he would just pray and ask he would know that this is the truth and he would be so blessed. But i feel comforted knowing that i was able to testify and do all that i could to help him find the truth. But its sad to see someone just reject it. When i know how simple it is to just pray and ask! 

We dont have a lot of investigators right now but we just keep trucking along looking for them. I know they are there! Im just trying to do my best to stay focused and keep working hard. Hope you have a great week. Talk to you soon! 
Elder Thomas 

Marko's  Baptism...

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