Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My "Dying" Testimony...

Hey!  Thanks for all of the bday wishes. I had a great bday week! The pkg was so awesome! I was able to open it with the sisters and my comp and we all had a ton of fun with it haha. Thank you so much. I loved the notes from the family too. Thank them all for me please! I cant believe that i am so old... haha. We had a super good zone conference this week. Interviews were great and our training went well. I also gave my dying testimony as you saw. That was weird. THe whole day prez kept cracking jokes about how long i had been on my mission haha. It was a pretty good week.

 Again we had a ton of lessons cancel or fall through. Like ten!!! We had four lessons set on my bday and so i was super excited for that. But they all fell through. OUch. Satan is definitely trying to stop us out here. We have some important things to do. And i think he is really trying to stop me and discourage me before i finish my mission. But i wont let it happen :) 

Marko is doing well and excited for his baptism. Please pray for him that everything will go well and he can finally pull through this saturday. He needs this so badly. BUt as of right now all is well and he is super excited! We havent seen the castro family yet but will see them this week and he talked to us about baptism this sunday so things are looking good.

This week we also were able to see the family that we found a few weeks ago that the sisters ended up seeing. We have the car now so we were able to go visit. Only the 20 yr old daughter listened but she is super cool and very believing in christ! We had a great lesson and she is open to baptism and is excited to come see markos on saturday. We also saw a family yesterday. The dad is muslim and the mom is french not really religious. They have two adorable little girls. We had a pretty good lesson and he is open to learning. We will go back on saturday. We have a lot of potential right now. So hopefullyt everything works out. Things have been tough for a while so i have to think that things will work out soon.  Tomorrow we are going to the city of lorient to do exchanges. That will be fun. And then we will get ready for the baptism!

 THat was pretty much it this week. Zone conference was the highlight. Im very grateful to be a leader and also to be an old missionary haha. We also made enough burritos for all 24 members of the zone haha. That was fun. President was raving over how good they were. ANd then sister poz called me on my bday and told me again that he mentioned them to her a few times in the week. Pretty funny. 

 I cant believe that there is only a month left! I am just trying to give it my all with this bit of time that i have left. BUt still cant wait to see you. Love you tons. Talk to you soon!!! 
Elder Thomas 

My "Dying" Testimony, Birthday  Party and bday dinner at a members home. 

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