Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marko is back!....

   This week was a tough one again haha. Aren't the all?? But we still saw some good things happen. Even small miracles are great! We had a lot of lessons fall through so that was tough. And we havent heard from reis or the marie family. Fely is in paris still and so is paul and his family. We werent able to see the other family either. Mince! That basically means bummer in french. But guess who is back?? Marko! He texted us this week and wants to be baptized again. I think he is for real this time. we saw him once and he came to church. We will see him tonight at a members home too. So he should be baptized the 16th of november! We also saw two of the thai people again at the members home. We ate with them and taught about the book of mormon. It went super well. We also ate with a member family where the husband isnt a member. He really likes us and opened up a lot to us as he drove us home. He was open to baptism so we will see! Monday and tuesday were filled with packing and moving. SO fun. The apt is super nice. We really like it. I feel like we live in a hotel. We have the car now and elder smith learned how to drive manuel... all the cars are manuel here. I cant drive in france. SO he will always drive. We dont have very many miles a month. Basically enough to get to church and then to visit a few people. SO we still walk a lot haha. ON friday we went to Paris.. no big deal... for mission council. It was super good. Except we got up at 530 and then had to walk a ways to the metro because the busses didnt work because there was a holiday. Then when we got to the metro it was closed for the holiday so we had to jog to the gare... train station. We didnt catch the train because it was super far away haha. SO we took the next one and showed up a little late. Once we arrived in paris we were running up stairs and i took three at a time, like a beast i know. BUt i pulled something in my knee and it swoll up super huge. So i thought i was going to be in trouble because it was pretty hard to walk. But now it is all normal haha. SO no worries. 
 OUr zone this transfer should be really good. There are so many new and really young missionaries which will be great. We have a zone conference on thursday and then interviews so we will give a training. Im excited for that.  A member family found out that it is my bday and they invited us over to eat. SO nice. This ward is the best. By the way there were 160 members at church this sunday... thats a ton for france.  Well thats about all i got for this week. I hope you all have a great week! Loves! 
Elder Thomas 

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