Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jun 18, 2012
Helloooooooo, Phew! pday finally haha. It looks like it will be a pretty good day today. Not too hot not too cold. After emails and lunch we are going to a place with the young adults called Montaigne Singe haha or monkey mountain! Woot! I guess it is this forest on a mountain where monkeys run wild. And you just buy a ticket and you can walk around the place with live monkeys not in cages all around you haha. Should be interesting. I’m pretty excited for it haha. Transfers happen this Wednesday. The official transfer starts today but we don’t change up cities and comps until Wednesday. I think this transfer will be a really good one. My comp is pretty cool. we will work well together I hope ;) Haha I definitely think I have gained a ton of patience so far on my mission. Something I needed to work on haha. Last night I made some calls to a couple potential investigators and set three rendezvous for this week. So that already is way more than we have ever had set at the start of a week haha. Valerie is doing well. Getting a little nervous for her baptism though. It will still go through. But I can tell Satan is working on her. We have seen her as much as possible lately so that’s good. She asked elder Bequette to give her a blessing yesterday and that was really cool. She’s doing great. She has already bought some missionary clothes haha. Another young adult in the ward just got her call to go to Ukraine. Yesterday in church the whole bishopric changed. The bishop gave a really powerful testimony. I can’t imagine being released as a Bishop. I guess kinda like being released as a missionary... scary! It made me think about our bishop Morgan :) Love him. He sent me a letter by the way last week.
 I’m super happy to stay in Strasbourg! It will be a good transfer. I can see us baptizing Valerie and possibly one other. The cool thing is that Elder Stringer and I will be combining our teaching pools so we will be busy! I always try to remember that everything that I do is just preparing the people. And bishop told me too that even if we go out and work all day and don’t see any results that the lord is just preparing us in a different way for something else. He has a perfect plan for us.
I’m doing well. Happy and healthy haha. This next transfer will be interesting too because Elder Stringer shops for himself and cooks for himself only... So I’m on my own this transfer in that departement. I’ll have to figure out what to buy and how to manage how much it costs haha. It will be an experience. I really can feel your love and prayers out here every day. Sometimes I have a hard time but when I do I get a feeling of comfort. Thank you. Love you guys so much. Thank you for everything! Love you and miss you, Teelor. 

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