Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jun 4, 2012

Ohlo...I mean hello! Hey guys! How the heck is Disneyland?! I bet super awesome! haha. Pday has been pretty good so far. We basically slept in till 9. Got ready and ate some fruit haha. I have discovered how delish kiwis are... yum. And now we are emailing haha. Not too wet so far but there are some dark clouds. I am super thankful for the rain this last week. It has cooled off a ton. Yesterday it poured all day. It definately reminds me of Washington here sometimes :) I miss Washington. We are going to get some rest today haha. I’m feeling pretty good and taking care of myself haha. The people here are still closed as ever haha. But it’s all good. This last week was rough. President was right when he told us that this transfer would be a trial of our faith. We still haven’t found a new ami this transfer... And we only taught one lesson this week. Ouch. Valerie is doing well. So grateful to have her! Proof that there are people ready for us haha. Zone conference was super good. President and his wife gave us a training and then elder Teixeira of the 70 and his wife gave us a training too. It was a long day haha. We left the house at 530 and didn’t get back till 10 at night haha. The training was so good. It really has motivated me and gave me the things i need to have success. Elder Bequette and I have made a good plan to turn the work around here. We have rededicated ourselves and have worked so hard since then. I’m working on being 100 percent obedient and doing everything by the spirit. It is hard when we work super hard each day but at the end of the week have nothing. But i just know that i am doing what is right and that it will come sometime. I really do think that Heavenly Father is testing us to see if we will continue to work hard even when nothing is happening and people wont talk to us. And that as we show our desire and faith that he will trust us and give us people to teach. And I still feel good at the end of the day knowing that I worked my hardest even if we didn’t get anything. So we just keep working :) I love the pictures of Cali in her recitals! haha. SO awesome! She is so talented and so amazing! Awesome that Eric put in his mission papers! Mission really changes people. It has pulled a 180 on my life :) Glad bishop got the letter haha. I miss him a ton. The bishop here reminds me of him a bit haha. He invited us over for lunch yesterday after church. He made tacos! haha So good. It was a ton of fun and he is really cool. He’s got a sweet motorcycle too haha. Maybe I’ll get one when I get home... hehe. His wife also made tiramisu haha so flipping good. Glad Dave got the letter too! haha. Its good to here that people miss me and ask about me haha. I miss everyone. I feel so disconnected haha. oh well. I love you guys so much! You’re the best! Almost at my 6 month mark! Woot! I guess missionaries burn things at every mark haha. And at 6 months it is a tie haha. Should be fun. Love you and miss you. I love technology but not as much as you, you see but I still love technology always and forever. Your sandy hair floats in the air so high just flying by like a kite in the sky. :) 

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