Monday, June 10, 2013

What goes up must come down...

Well I guess what goes up must come down... haha. I certainly experienced that this week. It wasnt exactly the most exciting week of my mission or the easiest haha. But its all good. On monday we were able to see Anthony and fixed a baptismal date for the 30th of June! He is pretty cool. But then we lost contact with him until last night. He lost his phone. Other than that we werent able to see anyone else. We had around 18 lessons either not show up or get cancelled. Rough! So yeah. Most of our week was spent waiting for peopel to show up to the lessons and then realizing after a while that they just werent going to come. It was definitely a trial of our faith. And I'll be honest I needed it. The last couple weeks ive been getting a little proud of all the good things that have been happening.

This week after praying to know what was going on I came across the scripture Jacob 4:7. I can do nothing without God. This week has helped me to realize that i need Him more than i thought. And that i need to rely on Him for His work. So yeah. Basically it was a rough week. But i am glad that it happened that way. I just hope i dont have to learn a lesson like that again.

Xavier is still doing well and we are getting him ready for the melchesidek priesthood. We are going with anthony to a members house tonight for FHE. Should be good.Tomorrow we get to go to Versailles to hear from Elder Ballard!!!! I forgot to tell you that last week. I am so excited for that!!!!!!

Sorry the email is a little bland this week. Im not sure what to say. Writers block... Love you tons! Have a great week!
Elder Thomas

My comp Elder Jensen and I

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