Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Amazing Experience...

Hey! Paris is doing super well. How is sunny arizona? i will try to give you an update on everyone and all that has happened. There were some cool miralces this week. We had to move the baptism. First We moved it to the 23rd but realized that that is stake conference so that won't work. So we have to do it the 30th. But that will be good. Going to The eiffel tower was great with xavier. He is just too awesome. I cant wait for you to meet him.

Okay so heres how this last week went. Monday night we went to a familys house with xavier and ate a monster salad haha. Renu is doing okay. She is kind of getting swept up by the evangelist church. She has some memorized prayers that she uses... And she already has friends there and it is in her language. So we may lose her soon. Vigin is super busy but we did see him once. He is doing well. Xavier brought us another friend named antony or anthony. He is super cool. Not sure if i mentioned him last week or not. But he speaks english and accepted to be baptized. Most likely for the 30th. Super cool!!! Ness is doing well. We saw her once and she invited her sister too. Kinda weird teaching two twenty year old girls haha. But it was really good. They are super curious and really want to know more. But they had some kind of family problem this week and so they couldnt see us or go to church. Zackie is doing well. She is slowly learnign and we have been trying to get her to pray to know if these things are true. But she just hasnt done it. The last time we were there i was pretty bold and a little frustrated. mainly because my whole life i never really prayed for an answer myself. I know how terrible it is not to know for sure and i know how simp)le it is to get an answer. But i think that she could feel my sincerity and understood.
I had quite a few opportunities this week to testify boldly to people. It feels great haha. Claudine is doing super well. I dont know if you remember or not their story. but I will tell it again because it is a huge miracle so far. So last transfer we were early for a lesson and so we prayed to know what to do and decided to try to get into an appartment building. So we started ringing the doorbells and someone finally unloked the door. So we went into the building and one of the doors was open. So we knocked and then a lady let us in after seeing Jesus christ on our badges. She sent she never lets people in but let us in becquse of that. So we went in and taught her and her 20 yr old daughter. At the end of the lesson the daughter asked if she could say something. She said that she had been praying for years to know if god was there but never got an answer. So she wasnt sure if He was there. She was depressed all the time. That day she was having suicidal thoughts and prayed to get an answer. But she could feel a bad presence keeping her from praying. So she sang a hymn and at the end of the hymn we rang their doorbell and came in and taught them. She said that she knew that we were sent of God to save her and answer her prayer. Then the next lesson we taught just the mom claudine about the restoration and watched the movie with her. The next lesson carol the daughter and her other daughter muriel were there. The mom told the other daughter that we are called of god and were sent to their home as representatives of christ to bring them his gospel. It was an awesome intro! She then basically taught them the restoration lesson. Then yesterday we dicided to just drop by and give them two more book of mormons and leave them with the dvd. And they ended up letting us in and the mom said that her daughter muriel had something to telll us. She said that the last time we were there while i was saying the closing prayer she saw two angels in all white leave my comp and I While i finished the prayer. The spirit was so strong. We sat there for a moment in silence and then i felt the need to testify to them. I told them that i dont know what she saw nor can i interpret it for her. But i do know that we are called of god and that he sent us to your home last week for a reason. I said that i know that this is the true church of christ and that god is trying to help them to see that what we are sharing is true. It was a very intense few minutes. We ended up talking for a bit. There was just a sense of peace there. I am super excited to go back there hopefully tonight. I know that miracles exist. That God is watching over me and all of his children. He hears our prayers and he answers them. I know that he is helping that family to find the truth and recognize that our message is true. I am so grateful to be able to be an instrument in the Lords hands. This is His work.
I love you guys so much! Miss you tons. Know that i pray for you often and that i love this gospel! Talk to you soon. Loves!
Elder Thomas

At the Eiffel Tower with Xavier. Me in our apt.

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