Monday, October 29, 2012


Bonjour! (like the shrimp on nemo) Well I am going to train a brand new missionary! In our mission they are called blues haha. That should be super fun! A lot of responsibility but I am very glad that i have been called by the lord to do so. Apparently im pretty young in mission age to be training haha. So this wednesday I will go to paris and pick him up! I wont know who my comp is until they just stick us together haha. Im super excited though. I remember being a blue and it was a ton of fun. I want to be the best trainer ever. haha. Im excited to have all of those new experiences with him. Because this will be his first taste of mission life and work and europe too haha. I have a ton of plans of stuff to do with him. I get to take him to the eiffel tower too! And feed him all kinds of good food haha. Anyway, if you cant tell i am super happy for this responsibility. This will also be my first time Leading in an area or in companionship. Also he will be coming into a good situation with lots of good people to teach! We went back to see the american family. He isnt quite ready yet. He just wants to ask questions and not really progress. And talk about football. haha. HE told us next time we came over he would feed us dinner and watch a football game. He gets them all and records them... haha. Prolly going to avoid that one haha. But Ludovic is simply amazing! So in a nutshell here is what has happened. On tuesday his friend samuel forwarded us some texts that ludovic had sent him. He started reading the book of mormon and felt a warmth in his heart as he reads. He has read all of 1 nephi already and understands it better than me hahaha. Seriously, we quized him and he knows the whole family and understands lehis dream so well haha. Awesome! This sunday he came to church and loved it. And then because elder barker is dying a member invited us over for steak dinner last night haha. And they invited samuel and Ludovic too! He loved it a ton. It was great to get him to see how happy we are as members and to make more friends. Also, the members bore their testimonies and the spirit was so strong there. I am positive that Ludovic will be baptized! Hopefully we can set a date this week. Super excited for him. We also met with a man named Cyril who is from congo. He was telling us about all kinds of horrible things that happen there and I just kept feeling that I needed to testify of life after death and about gods love for us. I did so and I know that it wasnt me talking at all. At the end he was quiet and thanked us for bringing the spirit into his home. We prayed and then he said we could come to his home any time and wants us to meet with his whole family. He has a wife and two little girls. Super cool. Also, they are taking the sisters out of my area. SO I will take on all of their work and the people they have been teaching. They have a sweet girl they are teaching who will be baptized for sure. So we have a lot of miracles in the process and I have a lot on my plate right now. Oh and we met with osaertin and her family and their goal now is to be sealed together in the temple!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooo! So cool! haha Thats about it for my week haha
Love you and miss you so much! I'll take some good pics this week and send them next week so you can see my new blue! Love you tons! Talk to you soon.
Elder Thomas

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