Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey mommy! Man this week was flipping awesome!!!!!!!!! So crazy good. Its weeks like this that make everything worth it. SO the baptism was pretty rad. It was super good actually. There wasnt a huge turnout because there was a ward temple trip. But still really good. I'll mail you a copy of the program soon. Actually im sending home a package this week. Its somebodys bday... so look for that :) We made a ton of cookies to bring to the baptism and then spent like three hours in the church filling up the baptismal font with pots of boiling water. haha. There is a pipe to fill it up on the inside but the water was freezing cold. haha So we wanted it to be perfect for her so we just had to boil water the whole time hahaha. Pretty sweet. Her dad did the baptism too which was super cool. He was pretty nervous but he did it perfectly! The spirit was super strong there and she was so happy. Elder barker gave her the holy ghost on sunday too which was really cool. Im not sure what else to say about it haha. But it was great!!! Also I know if you remember but we went over to a members house like a month ago named brother fernandez. And he invited his best friends to come. We taught them about jesus christs atonement. Well they invited us over again saturday night after the baptism to teach their friends again. They had both asked if we could teach them again! So we went over and taught the plan of salvation lesson. Ludovic had lost his father a couple years ago too so this lesson was good. We taught it really well and were able to really just testify the whole time. The spirit was really strong. Especially when His friend Testified to him. There really is such power in members talking to their friends about the gospel with no fear. At the end we were talking about how the celestial kingdom is our goal. And he thought for a bit and then said that now his goal is the celestial kingdom! Super cool. So then we just ate dinner with them and left. But then on sunday Ludovic came to church!!! So awesome. He liked it a lot and is super excited to see us again. And then this morning we got a text from the member saying that he got a text from ludovic saying that he is going to start reading the book of mormon now! It really was a super amazing miracle. We can tell that heavenly father has prepared him. Super cool!!! So talk to your friends about the gospel! haha. Also this last monday I told you about the text that we got from the assistants saying that if we went out to work then we would find someone who is ready for baptism. So we went out and knocked on doors for an hour and a half in the pooring rain and didnt get anything. But finally a guy answered the door and spoke english. Turns out he is from philly and had ran into the other elders in the metro months before. But didnt talk about the gospel. But he let us in and had a ton of questions. We were able to teach him about the book of mormon and he wants us to come back again. We are going to try to see him tonight. So he is american but his wife is french from paris. And they have three boys! Pretty cool miracle there too. It was cool because we just had total faitht htat we would find someone. ANd despite the harsh rejections and freezing rain we just kept working and praying in the rain to find someone. Super cool.
Anyways that was our week in a nutshell haha. Hope it all made sense. I have all of these things written in better detail in my journal so you can read that when I get home! Im on my third one already haha. Sounds like everything is good at home. Im so glad that you guys are doing well. I got the package this last week. They are always so awesome!! Super awesome oreos haha. Thank you! I also got a package from morgans mom with a bunch of popcorn haha. Tell her thank you!

Missions are amazing! And it really is true that we have to love those right next to us. The best thing for missionaries is members inviting their friends. For some reason people listen to their friends better than two weird teenagers in suits haha. >
Pday has been okay today. Nothing too exciting. Had to clean a bunch. We will just finish with dinner soon and then get to work soon. But it was a relaxing day. Well I better get going soon. Love you and miss you so much!!!! Talk to you saturday because we will be checking the repertoire. Im pretty sure I will stay. Love you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Thomas

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