Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bonjour ma famille!  Feb 27,2012
Lille is so awesome! It is so great haha. The past week has been really good too. Hard, but good. My companion is really cool. We get along really well and i am so thankful for that. My mission pres really is a cool guy. It is going to be really good to be able to work and learn from him.  
          The contacting is tough. People here are either Muslim or Catholic and won’t listen. Or they just don’t believe in God. Which is tough. People can be really rude at times. But it is so rewarding when you find someone willing to listen to your message. We have only taught one lesson to someone since I’ve been here. We had two lessons set up that fell through last week. So that was hard. But I know that as we continue working hard that it will start to get better. We found this really cool man named Lassy who is from Cameroon. We are teaching him Tuesday. And we also found this really cool girl named Nina to teach too. She is 18 so that will be a little weird haha. We are walking all day. I am not sure how far we really walk each day but it is a lot.. We also use the metro to get to far away places.
          A typical meal is usually pasta or rice with some kind of meat. They really like using cheese or cream sauces too.  Definitely have to cut the Nutella out of the diet. That is a staple here, haha. It is like we have cute lunch every day here. Last week we made crepes while listening to French ratatouille music. Another favorite of France is this meal called a rachlet(I don’t know how to spell it) but it takes this machine that you can only buy in France. There are these little trays that slide into it. You buy this special nasty smelling cheese to put into it and melt the cheese. Then you boil potatoes and just mash them on your plate. On top of the machine there is a grill where you grill different salami meats and stuff.  Then you put it together and pour the cheese on top. So good!
         It is getting a little warmer here. Definitely not paradise Scottsdale! But it will be so cool when it gets sunny here again. Lille is so amazing. Everyday we walk somewhere new. There are so many awesome places and I think about how cool it will be when I get to show you around! It will be so sweet. I love you guys so much. And miss you a ton. The work here is going to start getting big! I can feel it. The people in France really need this gospel in their lives. France literally is like Soddom and Gommorah... Not good. But there are a few who are looking for the truth. We definitely are protected by the lord as missionaries here. It is amazing how many people see the name Jesus Christ and are immediately rude! Crazy! But we know what we stand for and the amazing blessings that wait for us. Hope you guys are doing well and I love you so much. Have a great week!   -Elder Thomas

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  1. Elder Thomas!! So good to hear that the work in France is going well. Your mission is going to be amazing and I look forward to hearing more about it as the weeks and months progress and you continue to grow as you serve the Lord and His children in France! You are the BEST!!
    Love, Sis Bagnall